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Nicole Rose


Nicole Rose is an abstract digital artist whose work expresses an emotional response to the natural world. Working across painting and digital media, the artist assembles a whole treasury of inspiration to work from by recording sights, sounds, colours and routes from visits to nature reserves.

Nicole Rose's Artistic Practice

Nicole primarily creates abstract landscape paintings. She infuses her works with an ethereal quality. To accompany her paintings, the artist also produces complementary prints that are both a reflection of the original artwork and a new perspective on it. Her process consists of zooming in on a photographed section of her painting and then moving to Photoshop to rebalance and reimagine the shot. The resulting giclée prints are part of and separate from the original works, providing viewers with a fresh and fascinating response to nature.

Career & Exhibitions

Nicole graduated from Central St Martins School of Art in 1992 with a BA in Graphic Design. She has had a successful career as a Creative Director, running her commercial design studio for many years. The artist now works from her art studio in North London. Nicole has recently exhibited at The Other Art Fair in London, the Contemporary Art Fair, and the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. Her giclée prints and paintings are in private collections worldwide.

Selected Works

The Remebrance

Paintings - 101x76 cm

The Infinite

Paintings - 101x76 cm

The Provider

Paintings - 120x120 cm

At The Circle

Paintings - 61x50 cm

Momentum II

Paintings - 76x61 cm

Momentum I

Paintings - 76x61 cm


Paintings - 61x50 cm

Chasing Dreams

Paintings - 60x60 cm

The Encounter

Paintings - 60x60 cm

Life Story

Paintings - 100x80 cm

The Optimist

Paintings - 76x61 cm

The Encore

Paintings - 61x51 cm


Paintings - 101x76 cm

Lost and Found

Paintings - 120x90 cm

The Hidden Path

Paintings - 101x76 cm

The Orientation

Paintings - 101x76 cm

Where we left off

Paintings - 76x61 cm

Choosing the New

Paintings - 87x87 cm

The Legacy

Paintings - 101x76 cm

Hide and Seek

Paintings - 101x76 cm

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