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Jane Wachman


Jane Wachman is an abstract painter and printmaker. Inspired by the ever-changing nature of landscapes, Jane fills her paintings with intensely layered colours and vigorous mark-making. Shapes and lines spar with each other across the canvas, resulting in works that exude energy and movement.

Jane Wachman’s Background and Style

Before becoming an artist, Jane worked in the fashion industry. Jane's abstract landscape paintings contain a real sense of place and reference her fashion background and travels. Influenced by her time spent in locations from the South Downs to London to India, Jane's work has become an amalgamation of these contrasting environments. Mirroring the coastal hues of West Sussex to the vibrant fabrics of Indian saris, Jane lets her choice of colours mix themselves on the canvas.

Creative Process

Jane uses a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, of subtracting and adding, to allude to constant renewal. Thin translucent layers and exposed white space juxtapose bright palettes of hot reds and fiery ambers, showing traces of what was before to evoke transience. This idea of taking something away to create something new is integral to her practice and, in many respects, represents how disposable society has become.

Exhibitions and Commissions

Jane has exhibited with the Mall Galleries and The Other Art Fair, The Truman Brewery, London (2021). She regularly takes on commissions for works to adorn home and office walls. She was shortlisted for the National Open Art competition (2015) and The Threadneedle Prize (2017).

Selected Works

Spring Dance II

Paintings - 80x80 cm

Sweet Dreams

Paintings - 100x100 cm

The Downs I

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Tangerine Dream

Paintings - 26x26 cm

Shifting Sands

Paintings - 76x75 cm

To The Sea

Paintings - 20x20 cm

Heatwave I

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Heatwave II

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Commission an artwork by Jane Wachman

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