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        Peter Roux

        Peter Roux explores in paint the landscapes of his mountainous surroundings.
        Peter Roux completed a residency in the remote trading port of Hofsos in Iceland.
        Peter’s work is held in corporate collections of big clients such as Four Seasons Hotels and Marriott Hotels.

        Peter Roux was born in 1967 in Port Jefferson, United States, and his work is redefining today's landscape genre. Working in a distinctly contemporary style, he creates oil paintings that explore his mountainous surroundings, taking everything from clouds to trees as subjects in his nature art.

        Central to Peter Roux work is the human experience of these landscapes and what they have come to signify, rather than placing focus on the subject itself. It seems almost as if these works are shown through a blurry lens, evoking something of human memory and perception that is so prone to distortion.

        Peter Roux’s Career

        Peter Roux has enjoyed a successful career, with his nature paintings garnering attention in the USA and beyond. The artist undertook a residency at the BAER Art Center in Hofsos, Iceland, and has featured in a number of important publications such as New American Paintings and Studio Visit Magazine. These days, Peter splits his time between his art and teaching, giving instruction in painting and drawing.

        Peter's Exhibitions and Collections

        You’ll find Peter’s landscape paintings in solo and group shows across the United States, from New York to California. His work also features in numerous corporate collections such as Marriott Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels, as well as holding a permanent place in the DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts.

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