Régis Bodinier


Régis Bodinier was born in 1972, in France. Former student of the School of Fine Arts, he first exercised the profession of graphic designer, then artistic director in edition and advertising before engaging in the artistic field via photography but also painting. He lives and works in Beijing. He devoted these five years to photograph the urban environment and in particular the traces left by time and changes on culture, heritage and Chinese society ... His photographic work, many times exposed in China, evokes the last moments of neighborhoods Before their destruction or their transformation, changes in life habits, the place of old and new generations in villages that desertion ... He raises the question of the future of Chinese society in the face of a galloping development. Continue to work in France on the interactions between man and his environment by expanding his new artistic research in drawing and painting (traditional and digital) without abandoning photography.

Selected Works

Une rose by Régis Bodinier

Une rose

Prints - 50x40 cm
Tournesol en feu by Régis Bodinier

Tournesol en feu

Prints - 50x40 cm
Fleur de coton by Régis Bodinier

Fleur de coton

Prints - 50x40 cm
Tulipe dorée en flamme by Régis Bodinier

Tulipe dorée en flamme

Prints - 50x40 cm
Explosion d'un bouquet de fleurs by Régis Bodinier
Coquelicot en feu by Régis Bodinier

Coquelicot en feu

Prints - 50x40 cm
Lóngshèng, chine, 2016 by Régis Bodinier

Lóngshèng, chine, 2016

Photography - 66x96 cm

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