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Self -taught artist, Réjane Le Cat has long juggled between her passion for sculpture and the various professions she has exercised. Driven by forms, his works give off emotions linked to the human condition. A creation centered around the human paradox Without wanting to restore the exact proportions, rejane the cat is based on the forms of individuals. His inspiration comes from their paradoxes, their emotions, thus giving off impressions and feelings linked to the intimacy of humanity. The artist will seek beyond the visible, in the contrasts and the complementarities of the perspectives to find a balance between the sensitivity and the strength of the silhouettes. Materials opening doors to new trips Réjane The cat uses different materials for his works. Sometimes she combines glass, bronze, stone and steel, sometimes she models them separately. These materials invite him to search for forms, each with his constraints and his limits, opening him infinite possibilities. In the work of matter, the artist wishes to transmit and share his vision of humans. Réjane Le Cat is looking for the untraceable in order to provoke a meeting, a sharing, where the materials led its creation.

Réjane LeChat Artworks

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    Le Coureur by Réjane LeChat

    Le Coureur

    Sculpture - 22x54 cm
    L'Attente by Réjane LeChat


    Sculpture - 51x13 cm
    L'Envol 6/8 by Réjane LeChat

    L'Envol 6/8

    Sculpture - 62x34 cm
    La Liseuse 2/8 by Réjane LeChat

    La Liseuse 2/8

    Sculpture - 125x120 cm
    Petite Reine EA II by Réjane LeChat

    Petite Reine EA II

    Sculpture - 33x12 cm
    Dialogue grand 2/8 by Réjane LeChat

    Dialogue grand 2/8

    Sculpture - 44x44 cm
    Tout seul n°50 by Réjane LeChat

    Tout seul n°50

    Sculpture - 130x125 cm
    Tout seul n° 52 by Réjane LeChat

    Tout seul n° 52

    Sculpture - 58x54 cm
    Petite vénus n°4/8 by Réjane LeChat

    Petite vénus n°4/8

    Sculpture - 33x33 cm
    Dialogue 1/8  petit by Réjane LeChat

    Dialogue 1/8 petit

    Sculpture - 33x33 cm

    Tout seul n° 48

    Sculpture - 41x37 cm

    Le Méditant 2

    Sculpture - 47x10 cm

    Les demoiselles de brume 1/8

    Sculpture - 99x45 cm

    Conseil de Sages

    Sculpture - 42x49 cm

    Esprits de la terre groupe 3

    Sculpture - 33x22 cm

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