Joelle Buard


Joëlle Buard's journey began with studies in market finance in London and Ningbo, then with a career in international trade and digital marketing in Hong Kong and Paris. One day, chance brought him to the Parisian workshop of sculptor Magali Nourissat. This manual abstraction immediately swept away a real passion in her. Joëlle Buard & Nbsp; likes the infinite possibilities of the clay work until we find the most just emotion to freeze it in a bronze. It is in tales and Fables, vector of moral education, that Joëlle finds her main inspiration. Their imaginary power and emotional power have therapeutic virtues to cross existential ages and doubts. She sees it as a form of return to the first visual narrations.

Selected Works

Peau d'âne by Joelle Buard

Peau d'âne

Sculpture - 40x25 cm
Armstrong by Joelle Buard


Sculpture - 17x12 cm
Simbad by Joelle Buard


Sculpture - 35x20 cm
Koko by Joelle Buard


Sculpture - 15x10 cm
Mon prince by Joelle Buard

Mon prince

Sculpture - 15x12 cm
Ouistiti Ier by Joelle Buard

Ouistiti Ier

Sculpture - 30x19 cm
Sphère by Joelle Buard


Sculpture - 25x25 cm
271 by Joelle Buard


Sculpture - 26x16 cm
La bédouine by Joelle Buard

La bédouine

Sculpture - 36x12 cm
Bacchus by Joelle Buard


Sculpture - 22x17 cm

Le Petit Chaperon rouge

Sculpture - 35x31 cm

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