Bernard Rives


Creating your hands has become obvious to Bernard Rives over time. Whether they are small or monumental, his sculptures are read with grace, sometimes monochrome, sometimes chrome, and sometimes both! A seasoned and experienced eye Born in France in France, Bernard Rives spent his youth in Toulouse. After the bac, he left in Germany to take the courses of the Cologne Stattero School of Photography for 3 years. After a brief training stay in Paris as a photographer assistant, he moved to Barcelona as a photographer of still lifes advertising and works for many years with international advertising agencies: Saatchi, McCann Ericson, Walter Thompson, Publicis, TBWA etc … From photography to sculpture In addition, feeling the need to create his hands, Bernard Rives begins to shape small sculptures in plasticine. His pieces often represent the female bodies which he later goes into clay or wood. For a long time, Bernard Rives combined his two artistic activities. A few years ago, he decided to devote himself exclusively to his greatest passion, sculpture. One year, his mother enrolled him in a sculpture competition. To his surprise, he won the first prize of the Paul Ricard Foundation for his first work exhibited. He then won a beautiful sum which allows him to melt his first bronzes.

Selected Works

FUEGO by Bernard Rives


Sculpture - 42x54 cm
Pig Pride by Bernard Rives

Pig Pride

Sculpture - 40x38 cm
HAMAC by Bernard Rives


Sculpture - 35x49 cm
Jolly Jumper by Bernard Rives

Jolly Jumper

Sculpture - 70x94 cm
Pig Pride by Bernard Rives

Pig Pride

Sculpture - 40x38 cm
SOS SHARK by Bernard Rives


Sculpture - 41x66 cm
DIA by Bernard Rives


Sculpture - 63x33 cm
AIGRETTE  by Bernard Rives


Sculpture - 71x86 cm
SWING by Bernard Rives


Sculpture - 105x90 cm
Equilibre by Bernard Rives


Sculpture - 150x75 cm


Sculpture - 35x20 cm

Fan fan ambre

Sculpture - 38x22 cm

Fan fan arg

Sculpture - 38x22 cm

Big bull

Sculpture - 240x280 cm

Misty cuivre

Sculpture - 45x18 cm

Misty chrome

Sculpture - 45x18 cm

Ludwig blanc

Sculpture - 49x66 cm

Ludwig chrome

Sculpture - 49x66 cm

Olé olé chrome

Sculpture - 37x30 cm

Olé olé ambre

Sculpture - 30x37 cm

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