Michael James Talbot

Michael James Talbot is a British sculptor whose figurative artwork is renowned for its exquisite detail and anatomical precision.
Michael creates original clay pieces which he then casts into bronze, uniquely refining and patinating each sculpture.
Michael`s intricate, limited-edition work is inspired by the human form and its dramatic poetry.

Michael James Talbot is a British Sculptor. Born in Staffordshire in Northern England in 1959, Michael completed his BA Honours Degree in Sculpture before receiving a scholarship in 1980 for Postgraduate study at The Royal Academy of Arts in London. Michael continued his studies at The Sir Henry Doulton Sculpture School under Colin Melbourne ARCA and the courageous Dame Elizabeth Frink RA.

Michael’s Inspiration & Practice

Inspired by Greek mythology, Venetian masquerades and the poesie of the human form, Michael uses wax, clay and bronze to translate timeless human narratives into figurative artwork. Through a delicate synchrony of form, tension and balance, Michael transforms his vision of live models into patinated and polished sculptures. The artist contrasts the impermanence of time and being as expressed by his dynamic deities and fascinating figures with the permanence and rigidity of bronze cast; seeking connections rather than differences with our ancestors from long ago.

Awards & Collections

Michael won the acclaimed Landseer Prize in 1983. He was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1997 and later chosen to be a member of the National Sculpture Society (USA) in 2012. Critically acclaimed collaborations include working alongside The Royal Ballet in 2014 on a project which sought to create a dialogue between realistic sculpture and dance. Michael’s Emergent and Classical collections have been met with equal ovation.

Selected Works

Ariadne Half Life by Michael James Talbot

Ariadne Half Life

Sculpture - 193x30 cm
Bather's Day Dream by Michael James Talbot

Bather's Day Dream

Sculpture - 26x13 cm
Bather's Memories by Michael James Talbot

Bather's Memories

Sculpture - 22x18 cm
Bather's Midday Sun by Michael James Talbot

Bather's Midday Sun

Sculpture - 23x13 cm
Beckoning Third Life by Michael James Talbot

Beckoning Third Life

Sculpture - 82x44 cm
Callisto by Michael James Talbot


Sculpture - 95x36 cm
Cortigiana by Michael James Talbot


Sculpture - 90x34 cm
Freya by Michael James Talbot


Sculpture - 68x22 cm
Grace Third Life by Michael James Talbot

Grace Third Life

Sculpture - 65x50 cm
Harlequin Half Life by Michael James Talbot

Harlequin Half Life

Sculpture - 65x24 cm


Sculpture - 160x50 cm


Sculpture - 76x21 cm


Sculpture - 58x27 cm

Ophelia Third Life

Sculpture - 95x52 cm


Sculpture - 56x12 cm

Resting Ballerina

Sculpture - 59x46 cm


Sculpture - 92x33 cm


Sculpture - 92x38 cm


Sculpture - 117x22 cm

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