Realistic Sculptures For Sale

Explore intriguing forms and shapes that depict real life when you browse our selection of realistic sculpture for sale. The term realistic sculpture can cover any physical objects that have been crafted to emulate a real-life object, whether this be from marble, stone, wood or other materials. Looking to expand your art collection and buy realistic sculpture? We’re here to help. Browse our Realistic Bronze Sculpture or Realistic Stone Sculpture, where you’ll find a wide selection of artworks to suit all tastes.…

Chris Mitton is a British sculptor whose work focuses on gritty, everyday objects. Take a look at his series ‘Revalue’, a celebration of the transitory in modern life. The sculptures in this series are of disposable items such as coffee cups and packaging, a theme that juxtaposes with their construction from sturdy marble.

Realistic sculptures can be found in almost every artistic context and timeframe. Back since the Palaeolithic times humans have been crafting figures that resemble themselves or the animals around them, and this tradition continued all the way through classical Greece and Rome to the famed sculptors of the Renaissance such as Michelangelo. Nowadays, realistic sculpture does not always stick so strictly to an accurate depiction, often blending surrealist or impressionistic elements with realism.

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