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Chris Mitton


Chris Mitton left his career as a mac designer to work as assistant to the sculptor Giles Penny, and later in the stone-carving studio of Andrea Schulewitz. He now works independently, carving at his West Sussex studio. In his ‘Revalue’ series, Mitton skilfully and humorously challenges the way contemporary society treasures the transitory. Working in Carrara marble (the favoured stone of the Renaissance masters) he takes the most unlikely of throwaway items – crisp packets, bricks, crushed cans – and meticulously recreates them in marble monuments to the mundane.

Selected Works

Fag Packet

Sculpture - 9x7 cm


Sculpture - 16x12 cm

Light Bulb

Sculpture - 11x6 cm


Sculpture - 35x17 cm


Sculpture - 20x6 cm

Hoodie (Cast Basalt Stone)

Sculpture - 31x25 cm

Hoodie (Cast Carrara Marble)

Sculpture - 31x25 cm

Broken (Brick)

Sculpture - 8x16 cm


Sculpture - 7x22 cm


Sculpture - 7x10 cm


Sculpture - 12x7 cm

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