Norberto Moretti


Norberto Moretti was born in Venice (Italy) on December 17, 1961 and began to work from the age of 18 in glassworks, learning to master decorative techniques. In 1992, after many years of training in the workshops in Venice and Murano, he moved to his account and began by producing objects of Venetian tradition in order to be able to finance his workshop and his artistic research. Following these creations, he chose to present unique pieces or small series of a few pieces. He also collaborated as a designer in different establishments such as the Salviati glassware in Murano. Now, he lives in France, where he links contemporary forms to traditional Venetian techniques of glass decoration to express his inner world tinged with poetry. "There is no project, I do a sketch of the object which will serve as support for my painting and I accompany the glass blower during the realization and often in real time, I suggest modifications if necessary. In in My workshop, I have a stock of blown glass objects waiting for my inspiration, there are some who talks to me, others who say nothing to me and I leave them on hold, I know that one of these days They will talk to me. When a piece inspires me, I start working it I don't do a sketch, I have everything in my head, I just need to create benchmarks to place the decoration and the drawing exactly where I want. My tools are brushes, spatulas to mix enamels, a knife to cut the gold, silver, or platinum sheet, a pencil with a copper tip to engrave the gold leaf, and A receipt oven to fix my work on the object at a temperature of approximately 515 degrees. "

Selected Works

Le femme au chapeau by Norberto Moretti

Le femme au chapeau

Sculpture - 11x6 cm
Coeur sacré couronné by Norberto Moretti

Coeur sacré couronné

Sculpture - 10x6 cm
Sacré coeur transpercé by Norberto Moretti

Sacré coeur transpercé

Sculpture - 10x6 cm
Sacré coeur recousu by Norberto Moretti

Sacré coeur recousu

Sculpture - 10x6 cm
Le Maître et Marguerite by Norberto Moretti

Le Maître et Marguerite

Sculpture - 16x12 cm
Hommage à Canova by Norberto Moretti

Hommage à Canova

Sculpture - 16x11 cm
Vitae Mortiflora by Norberto Moretti

Vitae Mortiflora

Sculpture - 13x9 cm
Brezza primaverile by Norberto Moretti

Brezza primaverile

Sculpture - 20x21 cm
Frammenti by Norberto Moretti


Sculpture - 33x36 cm


Sculpture - 23x23 cm


Sculpture - 20x30 cm

Tutto scorre

Sculpture - 11x36 cm

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