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      Teresa Wells

      Teresa Wells is inspired by the question, "How Do Humans Behave?” when creating her work.
      Many of Teresa’s sculptures are created for landscape and garden settings.
      Teresa often uses steel or stone to lift her sculptures high on a plinth.

      British artist Teresa Wells creates figurative bronze sculptures that celebrate the dynamism, resilience and the emotive capacity of the human body. Whether portraying figures in movement, dancing nudes or contemplative portraits, Teresa has a knack for capturing human likeness in her art. Some of Teresa’s sculptures are lifesize, whilst others are made smaller or bigger, reflecting either the intimacy or impact of each piece. Teresa’s art is inspired by the question of how humans behave, with a particular focus on the endurance and strength of the human body.

      Teresa Wells’ Use of Bronze

      Bronze is integral to Teresa’s practice, not only because of its smooth and refined surface texture, but predominantly because of it’s extremely high tensile strength. The durability and ductility of bronze allows Teresa to experiment with composition and arrangement, resulting in dynamic poses and energetic subjects. Teresa uses the lost wax process to create her sculptures, and she often places her sculptures high up on plinths to enhance the sense of movement.


      In 2019, a selection of Teresa’s sculptures were erected in Borde Hill Garden to mark the 20th anniversary of the garden’s annual Sculpture Exhibition. Celebrating both the tradition and innovation of British sculpture, more than 100 sculptures were on show, each unique from the next. Teresa’s piece, Narcissus was a stand out piece of the exhibition, due to its lifelike form and Greek mythological connotations.

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