Thalie B. Vernet


Thalie B. Vernet has a beautiful name that she has for the time of the reigns of Louis VII and Philippe Auguste. Coming from the nobility of arms, the young Thalie was not intended for their handling and entered very early in the arts, as one enters religion. Music, literature and equestrian art become his daily life and lead him on the path of poetry and a reverie who have never left her since. In the young woman, Thalie B. Vernet leaves to settle a few years in Argentina. It has been a long time since his photographs no longer translate the daily life immediately visible but reveal what is below the surface. She only photographs animals to capture the moments of happiness spent in their company and now sets in her goal the most predictable and unpredictable animal that is human beings. Each of her photographs tells a story, like a sample of her past life, her days that she modestly presents with regard to others. She treats her photographs as paintings by constantly reworking them until you get the purest emotion in her eyes. Because the photographer reveals himself as much as his model, Thalie B. Vernet cannot carry out the portrait of perfect strangers. An alchemy, sharing laughter, emotions are necessary to him. She often says laughing that she could not ride a horse if she was not made up and for as much plays on the male side that her hair worn very short for her to impose herself in a world often made of men. In This approach, she gives fully free rein to her dark side or to her anger and likes to work on social subjects such as discrimination against homosexuality or silence always too heavy when it comes to violence made To women, two subjects that are close to his heart. Neither activist nor lessons, Thalie B. Vernet creates silent images which in the second gaze let out muffled howls below the smooth surface of her photographic prints. And because she is a very joyful woman, she also knows how to capture simple happiness and without roughness and gives her a depth that raises her far from all the superficiality or the inconsistency with which people are sometimes happy.

Selected Works

Gaia by Thalie B. Vernet


Photography - 120x80 cm
Urca et Altona by Thalie B. Vernet

Urca et Altona

Photography - 50x69 cm
ANIMA MUNDI by Thalie B. Vernet


Photography - 121x81 cm
LA DORMEUSE by Thalie B. Vernet


Photography - 121x81 cm
KARMA by Thalie B. Vernet


Photography - 121x81 cm
OLYMPIAS by Thalie B. Vernet


Photography - 121x81 cm

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