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        Antonio de Campos

        Antonio De Campos is an interdisciplinary artist known for his architectural, abstract artworks.
        Antonio blends together ink drawings, hand-painted motifs, installations, prints and more to create optical illusions and visual uncertainties.
        Antonio has collaborated with world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, exhibiting his work worldwide.

        Interdisciplinary artist Antonio De Campos works across sculpture, photography, mixed-media and painting. Born in Brazil in 1961, Antonio, now based in Frankfurt, Germany, taps into an artistic language that is engaging and experimental. His artworks expand the field of architectural exploration through abstract, unconventional and yet rewarding designs and gestures.

        Antonio De Campos’ Style

        Through a process of experimentation and mixed-media exercises, Antonio proposes a different world view, questioning the physical constraints of design as we know it. Prints and paintings such as the blue-hued Nocturnal often originate as installations or sculptures and demonstrate an exciting foray into the nature of perception, optical illusion and architectural uncertainty. The artist frequently uses light-filled rooms to create his photographs. With added ink drawings and hand-painted motifs, this lends itself to a unique exploration of exposure, colour and contrast.

        Global Reach & Collaborations

        For the past 30 years, Antonio has been prolific and conceptualised and executed hundreds of drawings, paintings, sculptures and reliefs for the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Many of his works have featured at Zaha’s prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including at the Guggenheim Museum, New York (2005), Design Museum, London (2006), Gmurzynska, Zurich (2010), Shaikh Ebrahim Center, Bahrain (2010), and Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Japan (2014).

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