Sabrina Barrios


Sabrina Barrios is an award-winning painter and sculptor from Brazil. She uses her geometric designs to explore the Self, the collective, faith, and the multiverse. With her abstract creations, Sabrina interrogates concepts of reality and offers new visual and ontological possibilities for knowledge and growth.

Sabrina Barrios’s Style, Practice, and Quantum Physics

Sabrina finished her BFA in Graphic Design (UFSM) in 2004 before relocating to London, São Paulo, and Berlin. In 2009, she moved to New York to complete her MFA at Brooklyn Pratt Institute. Now splitting her time between New York and Rio De Janeiro, the visual artist researches psychology, cosmology, quantum physics and history. She immerses herself in the communities and places where she creates her work, forming a direct dialogue between her pieces and the people involved. She then translates her impressions into large-scale installations, drawings, paintings, videos, or multimedia experiences.

Immersive Installations

Sabrina invites viewers to participate in her geometric works - making navigational decisions in her installations or solving visual formulas in her paintings. Sabrina cleverly explores the quantum physics notion that the choices we haven’t made in this universe happen in parallel ones. Her structures, therefore, depict the invisible energy of portals, open to alternate realities and hidden dimensions. She has exhibited in New York City and Rio De Janeiro. Sabrina featured in The Fourth Bronx Museum Biennial (2017) in New York City.

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