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      Multi-hyphenate Christine Lyon is an LA-based mixed-media painter, printmaker and educator.
      Fascinatingly, Christine's works manage to present human softness and emotion while still packing a punch.
      Christine has taken part in exhibitions across San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and New York City.

      Multi-hyphenate Christine Lyon, born in Los Angeles, California, in 1992, is a painter, printmaker, and educator living in Los Angeles, CA. Christine stands out for her rich visuals that partner punchy graphic designs with soft, relatable stories.

      Education & Early Career

      Christine earned her Liberal Arts BA (Art, Literature, and Social Sciences) at Sarah Lawrence College. After graduating in 2014, she worked as an illustrator and scenic artist for live, televised and filmed productions. Credits during this time include Michael Bublé's Christmas Special at Radio City Music Hall and Universal Studios' production Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. She received her MFA from California College of the Arts in Spring 2020. Here, she worked closely with tenured faculty as a teaching assistant in the Painting and Printmaking department.

      Christine Lyon’s Style & Mediums

      Christine works with oil, acrylic, etching, silkscreen, and soft sculpture. Drawing from her creative armoury, she explores representation and the many methods of figurative art. The artist also focuses on her body’s relationship to icons in western culture and media, bringing a sentimental curiosity to her work. Through her experimental use of colour and texture, Christine looks at elements of human psychology. Her palettes prompt emotional resonance, while her trembling brushstrokes elicit an immersive sense of touch.

      Exhibitions & Projects

      Christine has enjoyed contributing to community projects, exhibitions and private collections in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Yonkers, and New York City. She looks forward to continuing and expanding upon such partnerships.

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