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        Conceptual Sculptures For Sale

        Explore our selection of conceptual sculptures for sale online. Our assorted selection of original sculptures ranges from free-standing wooden sculptures to intricate two-dimensional pieces. Shop today, and discover work from some of the most exciting conceptual sculptors active today.

        Not sure where to start? Take a look at Alexander Grigorev’s refined wooden sculptures are finished with gold paint to create uniformed and absorbing pieces, perfect to hang on the wall. Similarly, Andrij Savchuk’s work alludes to depth with two-dimensional sculpture. With an intricate and precise approach, Savchuk’s piece Reminiscence plays with angling to create a fascinating wooden sculpture.

        Mark Beattie combines copper with neon LEDs to create fluid and delicate circular sculptures. With Red Neon Orb, Beattie creates a sculpture in which the light is both the focus and a joining component.

        A brief History of conceptual sculpture

        Conceptual sculptures focus primarily on the idea, meaning or concept behind the work, whilst its physical form remains secondary. Whether stimulating introspection, reflection or philosophical thinking, conceptual sculpture is free from the formal conventions of traditional sculpture.

        Conceptual sculpture allows for almost any material to be used that best expresses the idea behind the art piece. Emerging during the 1960s, conceptual art, or ‘Conceptualism’ was borne out of the shift from artists’ attention away from the visual quality of art, and towards its meaning. Since Marcel Duchamp’s seminal piece ‘Fountain’, created in the Dada movement of the early 20th century, conceptual art continues to probe at the purpose of art. From Ai Weiwei’s manipulation of found objects to Damien Hirst’s use of formaldehyde, conceptual sculpture subverts traditional sculpture’s outdated connotations.

        Find out more in our Guide To Sculpture.

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          showing 40 pieces

          Tibet (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 100x90 cmRent for $ 275/mo


          Sculpture - 43x40 cmRent for $ 290/mo


          Sculpture - 60x60 cmRent for $ 195/mo

          Smoke (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 60x47 cmRent for $ 175/mo

          Textile Three (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 100x65 cmRent for $ 250/mo

          Textile Two (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 90x90 cmRent for $ 215/mo

          Altarpiece I

          Sculpture - 75x34 cmRent for $ 345/mo


          Sculpture - 37x20 cmRent for $ 325/mo

          Circle (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 80x80 cmRent for $ 200/mo

          Tibet Two (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 80x60 cmRent for $ 190/mo


          Sculpture - 80x80 cmRent for $ 220/mo

          Liquid Two (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 120x60 cmRent for $ 250/mo

          Neon Spiral

          Sculpture - 40x17 cmRent for $ 185/mo

          Tibet Three (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 70x80 cmRent for $ 220/mo

          Teapot 14

          Sculpture - 41x35 cmRent for $ 720/mo

          Arc (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 60x38 cmRent for $ 165/mo

          Liquid One (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 120x50 cmRent for $ 270/mo


          Sculpture - 70x70 cmRent for $ 220/mo


          Sculpture - 70x70 cmRent for $ 220/mo


          Sculpture - 60x60 cmRent for $ 170/mo


          Sculpture - 80x80 cmRent for $ 410/mo

          Teapot 10

          Sculpture - 37x17 cmRent for $ 995/mo

          Teapot 15

          Sculpture - 25x39 cmRent for $ 715/mo

          Teapot 03

          Sculpture - 31x10 cmRent for $ 995/mo


          Sculpture - 80x80 cmRent for $ 250/mo

          Perspective (Constant Motion)

          Sculpture - 90x90 cmRent for $ 225/mo


          Sculpture - 60x60 cmRent for $ 175/mo


          Sculpture - 58x44 cmRent for $ 315/mo

          Glass Veil

          Sculpture - 47x30 cm

          Tissue Box 1

          Sculpture - 35x25 cmRent for $ 42/mo