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Zeinab Harding

New & Noteworthy Artist
Beautiful ornate patterns and intricate, botanical details are common themes in Zeinab Harding’s work.
Zeinab’s sculptures are a contemporary cocktail of Art Nouveau, Greek Antiquity and Augustan art.
Zeinab was recently featured in an issue of Home & Gardens.

Zeinab Harding is known for her historically-inspired textiles and wood carvings. The artist delicately forms a dialogue between architecture, art and craft. Beautiful ornate patterns and intricate, botanical details are common themes in her work.

Zeinab Harding's Style and Approach

Zeinab has a Diploma in Historical Wood Carving and Guilding (City and Guilds Art School, London, 2016-2019) and a Degree in Textiles Innovation and Designs (Loughborough University, 2014). Often featuring the Acanthus, one of the most common plant forms featured in classical ornaments and decorations, floral symbolism abounds in her work. Zeinab blends the Roman classics with a drop of Art Nouveau and a dash of contemporary art, creating a conceptual cocktail of historical and modern crafts. Displacing antiquated styles and instilling them with contemporary flair, Zeinab immortalises an artform verging on obsolete.

Press & Exhibitions

Zeinab’s collections have earned her three prestigious awards since 2017, including the De Lazio Prize for Outstanding Woodcarving in 2019. Her works have graced the halls of Somerset House and received acclaim at Mayfair Art Weekend (2020), London Craft Week (2020) and The London Art Fair (2020). The talented guilder was most recently featured in Home & Gardens and continues to produce work for private clients and galleries in the UK and beyond.

Zeinab Harding Artworks

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    Altarpiece I by Zeinab Harding

    Altarpiece I

    Sculpture - 75x34 cmRent for $345 /mo
    Glass Veil  by Zeinab Harding

    Glass Veil

    Sculpture - 47x30 cm
    Light by Zeinab Harding


    Sculpture - 58x44 cmRent for $315 /mo

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