Gilles Candelier


Gradiously and for a long time, Gilles Candelier's sculpture work has turned to a search for evocations such as: lightness, often unstable balance, appearance of fragility, sometimes partial translucent. A sought -after paradox of a metal that surprises us: copper.

In almost all its work appears a character: woman, man, child, sometimes an animal. No doubt desire to always keep a presence of "living being". Often a "pure geometry" is associated with it: sphere, right, rectangle, square ... as a kind of unchanging, perfect and stable complementary presence.

The attitudes are studied with care to translate and make rhythms, gestures, the gestures, efforts in the manner of a mime which analyzes them and makes them expressive. On the service of these guidelines, copper metals reveal their large transformation capacity: from welding to hammering, cuts to shears, patinas, colors to colors the flame and the laying of gold leaves.

Gilles Candelier Artworks

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    Le rêve by Gilles Candelier

    Le rêve

    Sculpture - 56x28 cm
    Hommage à Jean Sébastien Bach by Gilles Candelier
    La loutre au poisson by Gilles Candelier

    La loutre au poisson

    Sculpture - 66x60 cm
    Choisir by Gilles Candelier


    Sculpture - 10x8 cm
    Soleil by Gilles Candelier


    Sculpture - 45x13 cm
    Neuf coureurs by Gilles Candelier

    Neuf coureurs

    Sculpture - 32x15 cm
    Printemps by Gilles Candelier


    Sculpture - 61x35 cm
    Le violoncelliste by Gilles Candelier

    Le violoncelliste

    Sculpture - 16x10 cm
    Buste aux mains croisées by Gilles Candelier

    Buste aux mains croisées

    Sculpture - 50x44 cm
    Tranches de vie by Gilles Candelier

    Tranches de vie

    Sculpture - 31x5 cm

    Généalogie horizontale

    Sculpture - 45x75 cm

    Encore un effort Sisyphe

    Sculpture - 42x28 cm

    En Route

    Sculpture - 36x138 cm

    Destins croisés

    Sculpture - 78x78 cm

    Dix-Neuf heures trente

    Sculpture - 90x80 cm

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