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      Jenna Rothstein

      Jenna Rothstein is a conceptual artist who aims to subvert established systems of power.
      Jenna creates sculptures and installations ‘from trash using humble building materials’.
      Jenna’s style is bold, full of humour, and entirely unironic.

      Born in 1993, Jenna Rothstein is an emerging conceptual artist who creates installations using discarded objects. Taking ‘trash’, the artist creates pieces detached from their original purpose and charges them with new symbolic and formal potential. Her work explores multiple facets of popular culture, science and aesthetics.

      Jenna Rothstein’s Early Career and Practice

      Jenna has an MFA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a BFA from the University of Michigan. Her work, a range of photography, conceptual installations and sculptures, contains its own dense and loaded language rooted in western ideas of gender and sexuality. With particular reference to American pop culture, the artist uses humour - and a deep, unironic appreciation of kitsch - to undermine traditional institutions of taste, class, value, and power.

      Ongoing Projects

      The emerging artist continually produces thought-provoking installations and photographic studies - often featuring herself or her dog as a model. Using her work, she persists in decoding complex information to understand it better.

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