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        Mark Beattie won the Midlands Open and the Xerxes Sculpture Prize in 2015.
        Mark is part of the Royal Society of Sculptors.
        Mark started adding neon lights to his sculptures in 2015.

        Mark Beattie is a British sculptor who works primarily with metal to create spiral abstract sculptures. Although varying in scale, form and finish, Mark’s sculptures are united in their fluid sense of movement that leads the viewer around the art piece. Mark often incorporates LED lights in his sculptures, cleverly manipulating them into the continuous lines that form each piece. The light features typically sit at the centre of each sculpture, resembling some cosmic force or universal energy.

        Mark Beattie’s Education and Career

        Mark studied Contemporary Art Practice at Leeds University before completing a MA in European Art at Kingston University. Since graduating, Mark has exhibited in over 60 exhibitions, many of which have been solo shows. With a strong and ever-growing following of worldwide collectors, Mark’s art has made its way through Europe, the US, Asia, South America and Australia. Mark’s sculptures have an Art Deco style to them, and in 2015, Mark started adding light to his art to enhance the sense of energy that runs through his work.

        Circles in Mark’s Art

        Mark’s education has led to his comprehensive knowledge of the art world that surrounds him. His strong academic background informs his practice, particularly the philosophical element of his art. From early on in his career, Mark centred his work around circles. Concerned with the unity, energy and balance that circles offer, Mark’s art continues the prominence that these shapes have had throughout art history. In essence, Mark’s art explores the ubiquitous nature of circles, both in appearance and in symbolic significance.

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