Daredjane is a French sculptor of Georgian origin. His sculptures obviously reflect this double culture and this double identity. Sculpture is for her a language, a way of saying, not to reproduce, but to show differently. Thus according to the themes, Daredjane emphasizes movement, strength, elegance, power. Her achievements are therefore not "anatomical": she deforms, lengthens, stretches and plays on the proportions. It is for her the pleasure of creation.

Selected Works

Venus (1) by Daredjane

Venus (1)

Sculpture - 88x9 cm
Homme à genoux by Daredjane

Homme à genoux

Sculpture - 28x11 cm
Danseur géorgien en nabadi by Daredjane

Danseur géorgien en nabadi

Sculpture - 38x27 cm
Buste géorgien by Daredjane

Buste géorgien

Sculpture - 33x25 cm
Hippopotame by Daredjane


Sculpture - 12x31 cm
Femme cambrée by Daredjane

Femme cambrée

Sculpture - 84x18 cm
Le trompettiste by Daredjane

Le trompettiste

Sculpture - 26x10 cm
Violonissimo by Daredjane


Sculpture - 32x17 cm
Cheek to cheek by Daredjane

Cheek to cheek

Sculpture - 21x25 cm
Taureau by Daredjane


Sculpture - 12x25 cm


Sculpture - 41x11 cm


Sculpture - 64x11 cm


Sculpture - 22x8 cm


Sculpture - 75x24 cm

Le banquet

Sculpture - 19x28 cm

Panthère noire

Sculpture - 14x45 cm


Sculpture - 17x36 cm

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