In constant quest for new techniques, the sculptor artist Nouna endeavors to develop her work according to her aspirations of the moment, with sincerity and passion! Art: from his job to his passion In turn creative, interior designer then sculptor, Denise Nouna Benarroch, known as “Nouna”, trained in the knowledge and practice of applied arts in two specialized Parisian schools. First graduated from the School of Modern Arts in Paris, Nouna began a prolific career devoted to creation and decoration for companies in the industrial and commercial sector, for ten years. In 1992, she felt the need to indulge in the practice of sculpture and joined the workshop of the sculptor Myriam Franck before continuing her apprenticeship by a course at the Boulle school. His freedom of expression and execution above all Nouna makes her works in the intimate and peaceful space of her workshop in Paris, from land that she works on living models. Not wishing to enclose his practice in a particular style to always guarantee freedom of execution and expression in accordance with her desires, Nouna nourishes her work with everything around her and touch her personally. Thus, it achieves as much academic nudes, creations inspired by primitive art and African art as, more recently, many contemporary resin sculptures, powerfully colorful, inspired by pop art and urban art. Also, since her early years dedicated to continuous experimentation of materials and styles, Nouna has kept freshness and vitality that continues in each of her creations.

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    Maya by Nouna


    Sculpture - 39x30 cm
    L’ART DU SILENCE by Nouna


    Sculpture - 69x50 cm
    Peace and love blue by Nouna

    Peace and love blue

    Sculpture - 28x20 cm
    Peace and love (1) by Nouna

    Peace and love (1)

    Sculpture - 28x21 cm
    Peace and love by Nouna

    Peace and love

    Sculpture - 28x21 cm
    L’envole rose oeuvre unique by Nouna

    L’envole rose oeuvre unique

    Sculpture - 17x15 cm
    Kiss blue oeuvre unique by Nouna

    Kiss blue oeuvre unique

    Sculpture - 22x15 cm
    La vie 3 by Nouna

    La vie 3

    Sculpture - 30x25 cm
    Lev "Le coeur" by Nouna

    Lev "Le coeur"

    Sculpture - 80x80 cm
    Look pop art by Nouna
    View in a room interior
    Look pop art by Nouna

    Look pop art

    Paintings - 60x60 cm
    View in a room interior
    Tranche de vie by Nouna by Nouna

    Tranche de vie by Nouna

    Paintings - 80x80 cm

    Pop birds "peace and love"

    Sculpture - 27x25 cm

    Peace and loves

    Sculpture - 25x25 cm


    Sculpture - 27x12 cm

    Peace and loves

    Sculpture - 30x20 cm

    Peace and loves

    Sculpture - 30x20 cm

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