Willie Nash originally trained as a fashion photographer.
Willie works across sculpture, photography, paintings and film.
Many of Willie’s sculptures are constructed from found objects and materials.

Willie Nash was Born and raised in New York, and has been a prolific interdisciplinary artist working across photography, sculpture, film and painting since the early '90s.. Willie’s art is an amalgamation of endless influences, such as ancient and modern cultures, utopian theatre and human nature, to name a few.

Concerned with exposing the contrast and tension of adjacent objects, Willie Nash plays on the symbolism of found objects as a means of creating something entirely new and thought-provoking. Willie champions the imaginative and the unconventional, from the subjects and arrangements he chooses, right down to his printing and mounting methods.

The Development of Willie Nash’s style.

Art has always been ingrained in Willie’s life. Since becoming a photographer at just 14 years old, Willie Nash went on to pursue a career in fashion photography in 1993, whilst constantly working on his art on the side. Photography was always Willie’s primary medium, but since moving to London in 2007, he has shifted his focus more towards fine art sculpture. In a similar manner to his mixed media photographs, Willie’s art is focused on merging both ideas and objects. There is a prevailing sense of Surrealism to Willie’s work, in which he encourages the viewer to have a closer look and a deeper think when observing his art.

Theatre in Willie Nash's Art

The vast majority of Willie’s art has a theatrical tone. Whether staging art and photography to resemble the composition of play settings, or using materials such as curtains and dramatic lighting to echo that of a theatre, Willie enhances the performative aspect of art and in doing so captivates the viewer in these moments of static narrative.

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