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Immersed in Pop Culture, the artist Richard Orlinski has crafted a vibrant universe inspired by the wildest animals and iconic objects that have left their mark on their generation.

Breaking Away from the Dictates of Contemporary Art

Richard Orlinski is a passionate individual who has overcome numerous obstacles, constantly pushing himself to reinvent. His desire to popularize art is evident in his quest to evoke immediate emotion from both young and old. Crocodiles, gorillas (alias Kong), the monochromatic works of the artist scream out for him!

A lover of art in all its forms, sculptor Orlinski shatters preconceived notions and readily breaks down the barriers between artistic expressions. He delights in exploring various domains such as sculpture, design, and even live performances.

Global Recognition

Richard Orlinski has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to his first clients. Indeed, Sharon Stone and Pharrell Williams own works by the French artist in their private collections. The success doesn't stop there, as in 2014, Richard Orlinski sold a piece for 15 million euros.

Represented by over 200 galleries in France and abroad, since 2015 Richard Orlinski has been the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world (Source: Art Price).

The French artist boasts impressive collaborations, including partnerships with chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin, chef Frédéric Anton, crystal manufacturer Daum, silversmith Christofle, and Disneyland Paris. One of his works also graces the headquarters of Twitter France.

Richard Orlinski Artworks

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    BOXING KONG by Richard Orlinski


    Sculpture - 80x44 cm
    CROCODILE by Richard Orlinski


    Sculpture - 30x11 cm
    LION by Richard Orlinski


    Sculpture - 60x38 cm
    PANTHÈRE - bleu Mick by Richard Orlinski

    PANTHÈRE - bleu Mick

    Sculpture - 42x95 cm
    PANTHÈRE - noir brillant by Richard Orlinski

    PANTHÈRE - noir brillant

    Sculpture - 42x95 cm
    LOUP HURLANT - blanc by Richard Orlinski

    LOUP HURLANT - blanc

    Sculpture - 57x70 cm
    LOUP HURLANT - rouge by Richard Orlinski

    LOUP HURLANT - rouge

    Sculpture - 31x35 cm
    OURS DEBOUT - rouge by Richard Orlinski

    OURS DEBOUT - rouge

    Sculpture - 150x90 cm
    Wild kong en rouge flamme by Richard Orlinski

    Wild kong en rouge flamme

    Sculpture - 30x24 cm

    Pompon Gold

    Sculpture - 12x23 cm

    Hammer Kong Spirit

    Sculpture - 13x8 cm

    Hammer Kong Orange edition

    Sculpture - 13x7 cm
    View in a room interior
    Kong Shopping by Richard Orlinski

    Kong Shopping

    Prints - 56x80 cm
    View in a room interior
    Kong Subway Graffiti by Richard Orlinski

    Kong Subway Graffiti

    Prints - 60x90 cm

    Kong Christmas Silver

    Sculpture - 19x13 cm

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