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      Peter Mammes

      Peter Mammes is a globally recognised conceptual artist inspired by hieroglyphics and contemporary local politics.
      Peter's highly detailed works are heavily influenced by years of archival research.
      Peter currently resides in London on an exceptional talent visa.

      Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1986, Peter Mammes is a globally recognised conceptual draughtsman. Inspired by ancient Egyptian art, hieroglyphics and contemporary local politics, Peter produces visually complex drawings, paintings and sculptures. Emblematic of the places he has lived and travelled to and archival research, Peter's profoundly detailed works explore the world beyond the West.

      Peter Mammes' Early Career

      Peter attended the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, where he received his only formal training in art. Interested predominantly in drawing and painting, he had his first solo exhibition at just sixteen years old. Peter travels extensively to find ideas and imagery for his work, collecting patterns discovered on stone carvings and reliefs on temples, facades and graves. He has had studios in India, Russia, Egypt and beyond.

      Style and Practice

      Through Peter's work, he aims to surpass language barriers posed by the written and spoken word and develop a new, comprehensive way to visually relay complex ideas. Inspired by patterns sourced on his travels, Peter loads his highly nuanced artwork with intricate symbols, graphic decorations, imagery and a system of pictorial calligraphy. The works manifest a universal, artistic language that, rather than depict reality, presents concepts and ideas and encourages the viewer to think more broadly.

      Projects and Collections

      A recent commission saw Peter designing a commemorative coin for circulation for the South African mint, released in 2019. The coin is in celebration of 25 years of constitutional democracy in South Africa. Peter currently resides in London on an exceptional talent visa.

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