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The 15 People to Gift Art to This Year

Bored of giving socks? Tired of diaries? Already festooned with jewellery? Other than the pop of a champagne cork, how can you create lots of fizz on Christmas morning? Browse our ultimate gift guide for every person in your life, from the nature lover to the minimalist and beyond and be the star present-giver this Christmas.

By Rise Art

Bored of giving socks? Tired of diaries? Already festooned with jewellery? Other than the pop of a champagne cork, how can you create lots of fizz on Christmas morning? At Rise Art we believe that for maximum excitement, and to show you’ve really thought about it, a wow work of art is what you need to give. So we’ve got you covered with our top works for gifts and who they should go to. Be it a sister, friend, brother or mother, an adventurous globetrotter or a romantic philosopher, choosing art is guaranteed to make an impression and be a lasting and meaningful gift. Browse our ultimate gift guide for every person in your life, from the nature lover to the minimalist and beyond and be the star present-giver this Christmas.


1 For the Woman in Your Life

Original Watercolour 6, £180

Shop Jinsheng You's Works >>

Be it a classic still life of flowers for your Mother, something a little more Sassy for your sister, a gorgeous, fluid gold embellished abstract for your partner, or something a little more edgy for your best friend, these are our top picks for the women in your life.

Left: Sassy, £780 Shop Mikela Henry-Lowe's Works >>

Right: In Pursuit of Gold, £950 Shop Laura Fishman's Works >>

Hvit Ljosabox Gold Leaf Circle, £360    
Shop Kristjana S Williams' Works >>


2 For the Man in Your Life

Empire State I, £350

Shop Steven Irwin's Works >>

Here come the boys! Notoriously difficult to buy for (though they might disagree) these are our top works for the men in your life. Pick a cool take on a classic map of central London, an iconic New York scene or an original drawing by the brilliant Mat Cahill and you’re sure to be onto a winner.

Left: Work Place, £330

Right: Chris?, £225

Shop Mat Cahill's Works >>


Map of Central London, £85

Shop Ursula Hitz's Works >>


3 For the Couple

Love is a Dog from Hell, £235.54

Shop Julia Cseko's Works >>

Buying for a couple - sounds terrifying right?! But you can do it! When trying to gift for two people what’s better than something for their home. Avoid the usual glassware or a boring bowl and be brave with an artwork you know they’ll both love. Go for something with a little story or a nostalgic touch to make it all the more meaningful, and stick to works that are easy to live with, so as not to divide the crowd. Kristjana S Williams’ circular London works fit the bill to no end, or go tongue in cheek with one of Julia Cseko’s ink drawings from her ‘Love is a Dog From Hell’ series.

Left: Vestur Uglu London 2016, £315

Right: Austur Robin London 2016, £315

Shop Kristjana's Works >>


4 For the Globetrotter

Body Surf, £980

Shop Tommy Clarke's Works >>

Satisfy the constant wanderlust of your globetrotting friend or loved one, with one of our top picks for the traveller. From the turquoise Mexican seas to the high energy of the city, and the great snow-capped mountain heights, these works will take you across the world.

Ash Fall, £600

Shop Nick Miners' Works >>

Tykunya's Changeover, £300

Shop Rebecca King's Works >>


5 For the Ever Inspirational

Light of the Soul, £998

Shop Jinsheng You's Works >>

We all have that person in our lives that is constantly our brighter side, always on the go, doing better, creating endlessly and being more upbeat than we can ever imagine. For that person that provides you with your daily inspiration why not give back a little of their own, with an artwork to nourish and uplift them everyday.

I've Been Bad, £150

Shop Rebecca Mason's Works >>


6 For the Nature Lover

The World Exists, £700

Shop Cecilia Danell's Works >>

From a quirky take on some indoor potted plants, to a beautiful botanical abstract, or a delicate gouache painting of a bird on paper, we’ve got something for all of the nature lovers out there. My particular favourite in this group of picks is the The World Exists by Cecilia Danell, a large painting that uses a soft pastel colour palette and creates a dreamy, other-worldly atmosphere.

Left: Bird 1, £100 Shop Daisy Clarke's Works >>

Right: Botanical, £350 Shop Corinne Natel's Works >>

Narrow Pano Pots, £150

Shop Clare Halifax's Work >>


7 For the Minimalist

Sunrise, £320.12

Shop Reed Hearne's Works >>

Minimalists are the epitome of style, sophistication and pared back impact. Choose works that are low on colour, but high on technique. This photographic piece by Reed Hearne captures light and form in unexpected ways, a landscape reduced to pure elemental geometry. Likewise these drawings by Genevieve Leavold prioritises process over content to create something with delicate structure and shape.

Left: Metamorphosis II, £300

Right: Natural Forms II, £300

Shop Genevieve Leavold's Works >>


8 For the Urbanite

Left: Deep Inside is my Cosmos 2, £120

Right: Deep Inside is my Cosmos, £120

Shop KEF!'s Works >>

Nothing says cool more than the street art loved by urbanites worldwide. These works are for your friends and loved ones with the trendy loft apartment or funky office space who like to be one step ahead in the style stakes. You can’t get much fresher than these brand new works from the legendary KEF!, and Halo Grey Version is the last in our series of this work by the renowned artist Hush.

Halo, £625

Shop Hush's Works >>

9 For the Fashionista

Left: Walkers, £95

Right: Elvis, £190

Shop Marju Tammik's Works >>

For the lover of all things fashion and design, give them a reason to lift their nose out of the magazines by gifting them with a cool fashion-inspired print to bring their favourite passion to their walls. Marju Tammik originally studied fashion at the Estonian Academy of Arts and worked as a designer and stylist before switching focus as a fashion illustrator. You don’t get more authentic than these works, or the shiny media-esque collages of Sarah Thomas.

Left: Suspend, £130

Right: Lipstick, £200

Shop Sarah Thomas' Works >>


10 For the Surrealist

Smoke V, £450

Shop Delphine Lebourgeois' Works >>

For the person who likes to stretch their imagination and sees beyond the everyday. Whether they’re a habitual horoscope reader, a maverick magician, a sci-fi fanatic, or just have an eclectic, original take on the world, a surreal artwork would make the perfect gift. Take a cue from Dali and invite some mystery into their life and onto their walls with the beautiful, bizarre and fantastical works of Alexandra Gallagher or Delphine Lebourgeois.

Freckled Flamingo, £200

Shop Alexandra Gallagher's Works >>


11 For the Animal Lover

Amur Leopard, £200

Shop Violet Astor's Works >>

Buying art for an animal lover is a guaranteed win. From the silly to the sentimental, there’s plenty to choose from, whether it’s one of Tony Briggs’ cheeky photographs of your friend’s favourite breed of dog, a fun, colourful print or an amazing and elegant black and white charcoal drawing of an animal in the wild, you’ll be giving them something to warm their heart all year round.

Dogs Welcome 2, £800

Shop Tony Briggs' Works >>


Pandeamonium, £75

Shop Louise McNaught's Works >>


12 For the Photo Fanatic

Grand Canyon South Rim, £225

Shop Eleanor Cunningham's Works >>

For that snap-happy friend or family member who’s always armed with a camera slung around their neck, you can keep them inspired all year round with a beautiful framed photograph. Whether it’s an elegant black and white scene, an edgy abstract or an expressive portrait, these are our top picks in our favourite styles.

Left: Le Parc (We Are What We Pretend to Be), £200 Shop Geoffry Ansel Agrons' Works >>

Right: Dancer Gama 2, £300 Shop Cody Choi's Works >>


13 For the Architecture Nerd

Blue Orphanage, £950

Shop Gina Soden's Works >>

For the person who loves everything about buildings, history, design and the intricate engineering of architecture. If you know someone who is always glued to Grand Designs or can’t walk down the street without looking up to admire and inspect every structure, these are our top picks for them. Inspire and delight them with architecture inspired pieces to adorn their living room or home office with.

Left: Eastwood, Roosevelt Island NYC, £125 Shop Sarah Evans' Works >>

Right: Vanilla Concrete, £285 Shop Olivia Peake's Works >>


14 For the Digitally Obsessed

Fibonacci Jungle, £95

Shop Matt Crump's Works >>

Colourful geometric prints and clever graphic design artworks are guaranteed to impress and gratify the computer geek in your life. Matt Crump’s digital works will draw them in for a closer look at its intricate fractal layers, while Leigh Bagley’s geometrics will satisfy a love of symmetry. Or go for something a bit more quirky with some Pokemon for the gaming lovers.

Left: Steps Red, £70 Shop Leigh Bagley's Works >>

Right: Water Trio, £1,400 Shop Francesco Polazzi's Works >>


15 For the Romantic

Nostalgia, £950

Shop Anita Rozentale's Works >>

For the wistful, romantic and nostalgic one amongst us, go for some classic allure with tales of summer love, and snippets of poetry. Floaty, airy works that share a sense of sentimentality and love will appeal to their starry-eyed side.  

Left: Moons Circles Planets, £250 Shop Rob Ryan's Works >>

Right: Summer Romance II, £350 Shop Paresh Nrshinga's Works >>


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