Leigh Bagley

Leigh Bagley studied Textile Design at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London.
Leigh's work has been exclusively coveted by leading architecture and interior design companies internationally.
The artist's constructions are thoughtfully constructed, with an interesting balance of colour, composition and shape

Leigh's art is characterised by a distinctive and unique approach that combines elements of abstraction, minimalism, and geometric design. He employs vector-based techniques to create his works, resulting in a style that stands at the intersection of these artistic genres. His art has a particular affinity for textiles and print design, and he demonstrates a deep passion for colour. Leigh's artistic signature is a favorite among leading architectural and interior design firms due to its compelling and complex digital compositions. His works are built upon layers, shapes, and colour, all working in harmony to produce visually striking pieces. His consistent and distinctive colour palette serves as a unifying element across his portfolio, and the transparency levels within his works add depth and complexity to each piece. What sets Leigh apart is his ability to maintain a harmonized colour scheme that makes his style instantly recognizable. He continues to experiment with shape and the illusion of depth, resulting in art that possesses a unique and captivating quality. Leigh Bagley's art has a magnetic pull, drawing viewers in with its intricate and visually stimulating compositions.

Selected Works

Clover No:2 by Leigh Bagley

Clover No:2

Prints - 100x150 cm
Orbit No:2 by Leigh Bagley

Orbit No:2

Prints - 100x150 cm
Circles Collage No:17 by Leigh Bagley

Circles Collage No:17

Collage - 50x40 cm
Circles Collage No:12 by Leigh Bagley

Circles Collage No:12

Collage - 50x40 cm
Circle Collage No:9 by Leigh Bagley

Circle Collage No:9

Collage - 58x75 cm
Circle Collage No:3 by Leigh Bagley

Circle Collage No:3

Collage - 50x40 cm
Four9Six by Leigh Bagley


Prints - 110x170 cm
Brunnian No:4 by Leigh Bagley

Brunnian No:4

Prints - 100x100 cm
15 by Leigh Bagley


Prints - 100x70 cm
Forty by Leigh Bagley


Prints - 100x70 cm


Prints - 100x70 cm


Prints - 100x70 cm


Prints - 100x70 cm

Brunnian No:3

Prints - 100x100 cm

Brunnian No:2

Prints - 100x100 cm


Prints - 70x100 cm

Koroni Design Milk

Prints - 100x142 cm


Prints - 70x100 cm


Prints - 70x100 cm

Newton No:3

Prints - 100x100 cm

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