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      Ursula Hitz's prints have been recommended by Design Week, Home Beautiful and ES Magazine.
      Ursula's art makes the perfect gift for people interested in cities, maps or typography.
      Ursula's rounded lines and bold colours feel contemporary, while her screenprinting techniques add a heritage air.

      Ursula Hitz is an artist and designer from Switzerland, whose talents lie in typography and graphics. She's been creating meticulous maps of different cities using their place names. She says: "Unlike regular maps, mine don’t focus on streets or buildings. Instead, they build an organic texture of words that grow from the centre – in the way that most cities have grown." Hitz has exhibited in London galleries which focus on print and design, and her fonts are sold through Fontspring, Monotype and Myfonts.

      After living in London for 16 years she is now settled back in Switzerland with her partner and two daughters.

      Working on "Map of Central London" Image courtesy of Tomas Montes

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