Graphic Artists

Explore our ever-evolving collection of art from graphic artists working today. Our online gallery showcases work from some of the most exciting artists working today. A good place to begin your search is with the mixed media collages of Kareem Rizk. Kareem uses vintage materials and found imagery to create nostalgic pieces of art. His signature palette is warm and colourful, and his unique style has earned him international success, exhibiting art throughout Europe and the US.…

Canadian artist Peter Horvath also uses found images to reimagine and decontextualize narratives. Sometimes using known faces, Peter distorts the familiar as a way of inviting the viewer to notice the smaller layers that make up the piece. With a particular interest in American popular culture and advertising materials, Peter layers images to create an animated collection of graphic portraits.

Sarah Evans’s graphic style is largely inspired by modernist architecture. With an eye for balance, geometry and harmony, Sarah’s work is unique in that it transforms the banal into something beautiful through a focus on design. Sarah’s perspective takes on unexpected angles and enhances colour to create graphic patterned imaginings of modern architecture.

The Development of Graphic Artists

Graphic artists are diverse in both style and approach. Combining elements of collage, illustration, printmaking and graphic design, graphic artists are united in their focus on imagery. The graphic style is a relatively new one, and emerged from the characteristics of Pop Art. Today, graphic art is often produced digitally, and the possibilities of the graphic style are only growing with the continuous developments of graphic art technology.

Graphic art is often appreciated in association to music. Over the last 50 years, graphic artists and designers have been made famous in popular culture due to album artwork. Peter Saville’s artwork for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Storm Thorgerson’s artwork for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and John Pasche’s logo for The Rolling Stones have all become iconic pieces of art and musical history. These designs endure as pieces of art in their own right, and now exist as some of the most recognisable examples of graphic art in popular culture to date.

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    Geoffrey Ansel Agrons

    United States
    B. 1954

    Adam Bridgland

    United Kingdom
    B. 1979

    Rebecca Coleman

    United Kingdom
    B. 1968

    Denise Dalzell

    United States
    B. 1963

    Sarah Evans

    United Kingdom
    B. 1978