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      Sarah Evans

      Sarah Evans set up her design studio, Oscar Francis in 2013.
      Oscar Francis has collaborated with Tate Modern, Prestel Publishing House and Elle Decoration.
      Sarah’s collection, My Still Life is a series of hyperreal drawings of modern foodstuffs.

      After working as an architect for 15 years, Sarah Evans made the leap to become an artist, specialising in prints and drawings inspired by modernist architecture. Sarah set up her design studio, Oscar Francis in London in 2013, with the majority of her work focusing on reimagining post war architecture from the 50s, 60s and 70s. In 2017, Sarah started her collection, My Still Life, which marked a departure from the artist’s signature architectural style and instead focused on creating a series of hyperreal drawings of modern foodstuffs with a playful edge.

      Sarah Evans’ Style

      Sarah’s eye for design and aesthetic balance enables her to create images that highlight the beauty and harmony in the everyday, transforming the banal into the beautiful. With her work, Sarah takes architecture that is not typically considered beautiful or ‘aspirational’ and transforms it through bold and graphic prints. Similarly, when drawing food, Sarah’s subjects are commonplace with a distinct Britishness about them. Her intricate skill and attention to detail functions to create work that resembles a perfectly lit photograph. Instilling colour and energy into all of her work, Sarah revives the dull to make the unappealing appealing.

      Oscar Francis

      Since its conception in 2013, Oscar Francis has existed to celebrate and inject character into modernist architecture through patterned and graphic motifs. With a host of collaborative projects under its belt, the studio has worked with everyone from Tate Modern and London Art Wallpaper to Elle Decoration and Grand Designs Magazine. Oscar Fancis responds to some of London’s most famous modern architecture, particularly Brutalist buildings, with the Barbican shining through as a clear favourite.

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