Sabrina Brouwers

Brouwers uses the fluid shape of the circle to challenge man-made order.
Inspired by Sol Lewitt's rule-based approach, Brouwers constructs her meticulously measured grids from one almost hidden treasure-like cross.
Undeterred by the apparent rigidity of these grid-like structures, her artworks never settle into complete stillness.

Inspired by design principles, Sabrina’s abstract study of our physical surroundings results in non objective compositions. Throughout her practice, Sabrina uses elementary geometric and architectural forms and materials reminiscent of our urban landscape to explore the psychological effects of visual simplicity.

Sabrina Brouwers's Process

The abstract paintings are centralised around a mathematically plotted grid system in the base of each motif - representing the unnaturally ordered character of the urban landscape. Exploring the relationship between human and space, anima is invited into the aesthetically stark works, where Sabrina aims to challenge the sense of order within her compositions.

The tension between human experience and space is investigated through the use of juxtaposing materials and colours suggestive of industrial architecture, labour and flesh. The configurations are determined through a balance of intuition and strategy. By challenging the rigid grid system through a complex layered process, a dialogue between emergence and disappearance is triggered.

Sabrina Brouwers's Career Trajectory

Since graduating from Falmouth University with a Fine Art Degree, Sabrina has developed her style of geometric abstract painting, studying a postgraduate diploma in graphic design at the University of Art in London. Sabrina now works as both an artist and a graphic designer, and the influence of these two differing disciplines is clear to see throughout her paintings.

Selected Works

Visions of V by Sabrina Brouwers

Visions of V

Paintings - 50x40 cm
Visions of IV by Sabrina Brouwers

Visions of IV

Paintings - 50x40 cm
Trespass II by Sabrina Brouwers

Trespass II

Paintings - 71x51 cm
Trespass I by Sabrina Brouwers

Trespass I

Paintings - 71x51 cm
Seclusion II by Sabrina Brouwers

Seclusion II

Paintings - 71x51 cm
Seclusion I by Sabrina Brouwers

Seclusion I

Paintings - 71x51 cm
Void by Sabrina Brouwers


Paintings - 152x76 cm
Colour Combination  by Sabrina Brouwers

Colour Combination

Paintings - 117x32 cm
Configuration 1 (IV) by Sabrina Brouwers

Configuration 1 (IV)

Paintings - 28x28 cm
Configuration 1 (III) by Sabrina Brouwers

Configuration 1 (III)

Paintings - 28x28 cm

Configuration 1 (II)

Paintings - 28x28 cm

Configuration 1 (I)

Paintings - 28x28 cm


Paintings - 42x65 cm

Focal Point I

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Common region II

Paintings - 30x23 cm

Focal Point II

Paintings - 40x30 cm

Gestalt I

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Encounter on a Sunday Morning

Paintings - 25x20 cm

Textbook Series IX

Paintings - 25x30 cm

Figure Ground

Paintings - 65x122 cm

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