Art 101

Discover what’s what and get the inside scoop on the contemporary art world with Art 101. Find out about different styles, approaches and artistic terms as our curatorial experts share their words of wisdom. Whether you’re wanting to understand various artistic terms or you would like to know about new and exciting artists working today, use Art Speak 101 to learn the ins and outs of contemporary art.

What to Expect with Art 101

Art 101 takes you through everything from the bare facts, to the names to look out for in contemporary art. Learn all about art speak with guides such as What is Tone in Art? and start your collecting journey with our piece on Commissioning Art. Whether you’re wanting to educate yourself on the art world, or simply on the lookout for exciting artists, use Art 101 as your compass through contemporary art.

Art 101 Must-Reads

Our Art 101 guides cover the big and the small, the specific and the overarching. Find out about the cathartic quality of art and creativity with our piece, [What is Art Therapy(/article/2020-11-27-what-is-art-therapy) and learn about the artists our curators have their eye on with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Artists. You can dig even deeper, and educate yourself on the goings on of minimalist art with [Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Minimalist Artists(/article/2020-11-20-rise-art-s-top-5-contemporary-minimalist-artists) or explore American artists with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary American Artists.

Buying For The Moment vs Buying For The Future

Our guide explores the pros and cons of buying art for the moment versus buying art for the future. Learn about the ins and outs of art acquisition, whether for love, a future investment, or both.

Top Contemporary Painters

Learn about the top contemporary painters working around the world and collect work from award-winning and emerging contemporary artists.

Guide to the Best Fashion Photographers

Discover the best fashion photographers and modern artists who made history, and browse photography by world-leading and emerging fashion photographers.

Carrot Sticks & Sharks: Types of Art in Galleries Today

'Is this art?' Fine art in galleries today can challenge our conceptions of what art is. Read our guide to 7 types of art to learn what you might encounter.

The 15 People to Gift Art to This Year

Bored of giving socks? Tired of diaries? Already festooned with jewellery? Other than the pop of a champagne cork, how can you create lots of fizz on Christmas morning? Browse our ultimate gift guide for every person in your life, from the nature lover to the minimalist and beyond and be the star present-giver this Christmas.

5 Tips for Gifting Art

Sharing your love for art with friends and family is an exciting way to create or honor memories, form closer bonds, as well as giving a timeless gift that lasts way beyond the latest gadgets. Using the same guidelines collectors use on their own collections, we’ve stripped down 5 tips that will help to make an unforgettable gift of art.

The Insider's Guide to Starting Your Collection.

Who says original art has to be expensive? Check out our Insider's picks for original prints that won't break the bank.

Art Speak: How to distinguish a linocut print

Art speak is confusing. Heading to a print fair or looking for a print online but can't figure out the difference between your silkscreens and your woodblocks? London-based print maker Lisa Takahashi explores the medium focusing on the lincocut print and we bring you 5 examples from Rise Art.

5 things you didn't know about Henri Matisse

Known for his use of colour and fluid, original draughtsmanship Matisse came to art comparatively late in life and made his reputation as the principal protagonist of Fauvism, the first avant-garde movement at the turn of the century. His long career culminated in a highly original series of works made of paper cut-outs, which confirmed his reputation, with Picasso, as one of the major artists of the 20th century. Here's 5 things about him that you might not have been aware of.

How does Creativity heal?

Research from over the past twenty five years has shown that the presence of live music and visual arts can greatly reduce levels of anxiety and depression in hospital patients, and make significant improvements to health and wellbeing. As Rise Art launches its Art For Care charity project, Katherine Mellor, Arts Consultant, speaks to us on how she thinks, creativity can heal.