Art 101

Discover what’s what and get the inside scoop on the contemporary art world with Art 101. Find out about different styles, approaches and artistic terms as our curatorial experts share their words of wisdom. Whether you’re wanting to understand various artistic terms or you would like to know about new and exciting artists working today, use Art Speak 101 to learn the ins and outs of contemporary art.

What to Expect with Art 101

Art 101 takes you through everything from the bare facts, to the names to look out for in contemporary art. Learn all about art speak with guides such as What is Tone in Art? and start your collecting journey with our piece on Commissioning Art. Whether you’re wanting to educate yourself on the art world, or simply on the lookout for exciting artists, use Art 101 as your compass through contemporary art.

Art 101 Must-Reads

Our Art 101 guides cover the big and the small, the specific and the overarching. Find out about the cathartic quality of art and creativity with our piece, [What is Art Therapy(/article/2020-11-27-what-is-art-therapy) and learn about the artists our curators have their eye on with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Artists. You can dig even deeper, and educate yourself on the goings on of minimalist art with [Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Minimalist Artists(/article/2020-11-20-rise-art-s-top-5-contemporary-minimalist-artists) or explore American artists with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary American Artists.

Considering Price when Purchasing New Art

Placing a monetary value on artworks, or any artistic endeavour isn’t a straightforward process. The thought, skill, and demand of an artist all play a role. Our Founder, Scott Phillips, outlines some of the considerations that go into how art is priced and what you can look out for.

How to Match Artistic Tastes

Discover how to match artistic tastes and learn to resolve differing style preferences.

A Guide to NFTs

Find out just what an NFT is, discover its history, and learn about the role of the Non-Fungible Token in the future of the artworld, with Rise Art's guide to NFTs.

The Benefits of Discovering Art Online

Learn about the benefits of buying art online and find out how to navigate the digital art marketplace with our guide.

How To Discover Art Post-Pandemic

Explore an exciting range of ways to find new art and build your collection with our guide to discovering art post-pandemic.

Buying For The Moment vs Buying For The Future

Our guide explores the pros and cons of buying art for the moment versus buying art for the future. Learn about the ins and outs of art acquisition, whether for love, a future investment, or both.

Top Contemporary Painters

Learn about the top contemporary painters working around the world and collect work from award-winning and emerging contemporary artists.

Guide to the Best Fashion Photographers

Discover the best fashion photographers and modern artists who made history, and browse photography by world-leading and emerging fashion photographers.

How to build an art collection

Discover how to start building your art collection online.

How to Custom Frame Art

Find out how to custom frame your painting, print or photograph with this guide to framing art.