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      Art 101

      Discover what’s what and get the inside scoop on the contemporary art world with Art 101. Find out about different styles, approaches and artistic terms as our curatorial experts share their words of wisdom. Whether you’re wanting to understand various artistic terms or you would like to know about new and exciting artists working today, use Art Speak 101 to learn the ins and outs of contemporary art.

      What to Expect with Art 101

      Art 101 takes you through everything from the bare facts, to the names to look out for in contemporary art. Learn all about art speak with guides such as What is Tone in Art? and start your collecting journey with our piece on Commissioning Art. Whether you’re wanting to educate yourself on the art world, or simply on the lookout for exciting artists, use Art 101 as your compass through contemporary art.

      Art 101 Must-Reads

      Our Art 101 guides cover the big and the small, the specific and the overarching. Find out about the cathartic quality of art and creativity with our piece, What is Art Therapy and learn about the artists our curators have their eye on with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Artists. You can dig even deeper, and educate yourself on the goings on of minimalist art with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Minimalist Artists or explore American artists with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary American Artists.

      5 Ways to Incorporate Maximalism Into Your Art Collection

      Minimalism has dominated the design world for nearly a century, with Scandinavian chic interior design being seen as the main trend, teaching us to strip back the unnecessary and embrace simplicity.

      Top Contemporary Painters

      Learn about the top contemporary painters working around the world and collect work from award-winning and emerging contemporary artists.

      How to Frame Photography

      Learn how to frame photography with our easy guide to displaying photographs.

      What is Fine Art Photography?

      Learn about Fine Art Photography in our insightful guide to the expressive style.

      How to Brighten up a Dark Room with Paintings

      Discover how to brighten up a dark room with paintings using these five easy tips.

      How to Display Paintings

      Learn how to display paintings with our guide to creating the perfect art arrangement. From gallery walls to floor arrangements, and stair displays to framed collections, discover creative methods to present your paintings.

      How to Store Paintings

      Discover how to store paintings with our 7 practical tips. Want to avoid fingerprints, tears, warped pictures, broken frames, or sagging canvases? Here’s how to conserve artwork at home or in storage.

      What Paintings Are Good For The Home?

      Discover which paintings are good for the home with this helpful room-by-room guide. From the mood-altering power of colour to the impact of imagery, texture and style, learn how to choose the perfect paintings for your home.

      How to Match Paintings

      Learn 5 easy steps on how to match paintings in your home or office space based on interior design, mood, size and purpose.

      How to Consider Price when Purchasing New Art

      It is hard to put a monetary value on any artistic endeavour. Our Founder, Scott Phillips, outlines some of the considerations that go into how art is priced and what you can look out for.