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The gift of art is the gift that keeps on giving. Our Gifts for Her collection provides over a hundred different artworks from emerging and established artists working across the world. No matter her style, her interests or her taste, our extensive collection ensures that you’ll find the perfect gift for her. Each and every piece in our Gifts for Her collection has been hand-selected by our team of curatorial experts, providing a range of paintings, prints, collages and more for you to discover today.

Our Gifts for Her collection showcases work that is catered towards a woman’s taste. Characterised by bursts with colour, whimsical subject arrangements and decorative patterns, our collection has been curated to appeal to a female aesthetic. Sure, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the gift of art is unique, thoughtful and bound to impress.

Why not start your discovery of our collection by looking at the vibrant prints of Kristjana S Williams. Kristjana executes her illustrative style in a digital method. Motifs such as butterflies, birds and woodland creatures come together to form wonderfully in-depth depictions of fantastical scenes. Merging black and white detail with block colours, Kristjana’s animated prints and collages appeal to the imagination, echoing the whimsical nature of our Gifts for Her collection.

Floral patterns and botanical subjects also feature throughout our Gifts for Her collection. From Karenina Fabrizzi’s delicate surrealist paintings, to Geoffrey Ansel Agrons’s serene still lifes, flowers are popular in art due to their intriguing form and their aesthetic beauty. Geoffrey’s photography highlights both of these factors, and celebrates the majestic form of the flower. Instilled with a sense of nostalgia, Geoffrey’s art is striking and compelling in his exploration of the natural world.

Also capturing wistful scenes through photography is Nadia Attura. Nadia’s style consists of a subtle palette and a romantic view of the natural world. Much like other artists featured in the Gifts for Her Collection, Nadia explores nature in a refreshed and enlivened way, shining a light on the beauty of the undisturbed world. Nadia’s use of colour is refined and considered, often limited to light tones and minimal colours.

Throughout the collection, pink and green emerge as two of the central colours used in prints, paintings and photography. The use of pink and green is agreeable to most settings, and is hugely on trend in both art and design. From Tomas Cambas’s photograph, H, to Clare Halifax’s patterned landscapes and cityscapes, pink and green work in harmony to creates delicate reflections of natural scenes. There is a clear sense of nostalgia that emerges with the relationship between these two colours. Whether connoting scenes of Spring, or gesturing towards the ethereal beauty of nature, pink and green unite the Gifts for Her collection to form a display of distinctly sentimental works of art.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a vibrant and exciting painting, or an intricate floral print, our selection offers a host of diverse artworks for you to discover online. Browse our Gifts for Her collection and find the perfect piece to buy for your loved one today.

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