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      Franceso Polazzi's oil paintings blend animal and human forms with pattern and flattened areas of colour.
      The artist has exhibited his work in the UK and Europe.
      These are visually compelling pieces that combine abstract and figurative elements. They would suit any funky contemporary space.

      Francesco Polazzi is a painter born in 1988 of Emilian origins.

      After graduating in Literature and Philosophy in Bologna, in 2011 he moved to Birmingham, England, where he began painting and earned a Masters in Fine Arts. In the following years he exhibited in various European cities; - including Paris, Madrid, London, Mainz and Oslo - and in group shows in America - Chicago and Miami. Back in Italy in 2016, he exhibited in Rome, Milan, Birmingham, Modena, Faenza, Mantua and Bologna. He works in his atelier Laboratorio 155 in via Turati in Bologna - as a painter, curator and artistic director. In September 2019 he begins a new path by enrolling in the Master's Degree in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Bologna, completed in July 2021 with full marks. His paintings are a pop, street and post-modern assemblage that tends to create a lot its own formal and sensitive language in terms of re-interpreting artists recognized as cornerstones of art history. For a year now, his pictorial analysis has focuses on the landscape and the glimpse of Italian cities; use paint as a sort of travel diary that, through fantasy and imagination, creates new memories personal and at the same time shared with the viewer.

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