Violet Astor

Violet Astor creates charcoal and pencil drawings combined with natural materials found in the environment of her subjects.
Violet taught herself how to draw when she was chronically ill with Lyme Disease.
A large portion of Violet's earnings are donated to environmental conservation charities and programmes.

Violet is a British conversation artist who creates stunning charcoal and pencil drawings of endangered species, combined with natural materials found in the environment of her subjects. Violet’s moving animal portraits have received international praise for their photorealistic detail and contribution to critical environmental conservation efforts.

Violet Astor’s Early Career

Violet’s foray into art and design came as a healing and welcome surprise. The artist amazingly taught herself how to draw during the four years she was chronically ill with Lyme Disease. In retrospect, the illness was a blessing in disguise. She has since gone onto raise awareness across the world about endangered species all the whilst unravelling yet more layers of her hidden talent.

Style and Approach

To ensure the artist truly practices what she preaches, all Violet’s materials are organic and environmentally friendly - even her paper is made from recycled coffee cups. Her style is equally infused with a natural delicacy; soft textures, rich detail and emotionally-charged monochrome properties combine to capture the moods of her animal subjects with spine-tingling accuracy. Imbued with a sensibility that can only be drawn from the true love for her cause, her sentimental wildlife pieces are at once a celebration of these beautiful creatures and a call to action to protect them from extinction.


Violet has exhibited her work worldwide and donated to wildlife funds using a large percentage of proceeds from art sales. Violet consistently holds talks to promote the cause, as well as visits local schools to talk to children about natural heritage and the importance of environmental conservation. Her current projects include working with Survival International, a global movement that helps tribal people defend their rights, protect their lands and determine their own futures, as well as Rewilding Australia which supports the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Strategy by collaborating with ecologists, communities and indigenous land managers to steer Australia’s surviving wildlife trajectory.

Selected Works

Northern White Rhino Print by Violet Astor
Chai & Paan Tiger: Air by Violet Astor

Chai & Paan Tiger: Air

Prints - 50x55 cm
Chai & Paan Tiger: Air by Violet Astor

Chai & Paan Tiger: Air

Prints - 50x66 cm
JAWAI Leopard by Violet Astor

JAWAI Leopard

Prints - 53x67 cm
Khoon खून (Bloodline) by Violet Astor

African Elephant

Prints - 50x65 cm

Mountain Gorilla

Prints - 48x52 cm

Amur Leopard

Prints - 50x59 cm

Green Sea Turtle

Prints - 42x59 cm

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