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Realistic Animal Drawings For Sale

Discover realistic animal drawings for sale. Whether you’re on the lookout for a colourful surrealist piece, or you’re on the hunt for a large scale monochrome drawing, our gallery showcases work from some of the most exciting artists around the world. From dogs and birds to fish, our selection offers a range of original realistic animal drawings available for you to purchase online today.

About the Artists

A good place to start your search is with the art of C-A Halpin. Much of Halpin’s art on offer at Rise Art is part of the collection 'It’s A Hard World For Little Things'. These large graphite drawings are instantly dramatic through the stark contrast of light and shadow. Giving focus to the overlooked and forgotten aspects of life, Halpin’s approach makes for a series of works that explore fleeting moments of nature in sequence.

Approaching her subjects with an entirely different perspective is Italian-trained artist Antonia Barclay. Antonia employs traditional techniques to create a collection of intricate monochrome drawings. Sometimes depicting pairs of animals, Antonia creates symmetry in drawings such as Holy Mackerel and Love Bugs. The sense of balance is still very much present in her works focusing on single beings, and with Silver Clawed Crab and Seahorse 1, Antonia’s realistic portrayal of shape makes for a harmonious and appealing representation of small animals.

Kerry Beall's work is centred around human connection and our own understanding of reality. Using colour and layering, Kerry creates images that allude to a narrative, one that leads off the page and stretches beyond the realm of the real. Kerry captures moments of movement and in her piece, Cholena, she creates an image of a bird in mid-flight.

A Brief History of Realistic Animal Drawings

Animal drawings once existed as carvings on cave walls, but over time the focus has shifted. Following the emergence of the realistic representation of animals, they have now been brought to the forefront of contemporary art and celebrated in their own right.

Realistic animal drawings are typically influenced by Realism. Realist drawings often hold a photographic quality, and depending on the attention to detail, become hyperreal. Drawn to depicting the world in a natural way, to reflecting an expression and communicating character, realistic animal drawings can be seen as one of the most powerful ways of capturing a tangible sense of life and instilling it into art.

Find out more in our Guide To Drawings.

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    Drawings - 69x56 cm


    Drawings - 69x56 cm

    Walking the dogs

    Drawings - 100x120 cmRent for $930 /mo