Abbi Torrance

Abbi Torrance has exhibited widely and is particularly popular at drawing shows
Abbi is one of a new wave of artists working in traditional pencil.
Buy for the authenticity of Abbi's contemporary figures.

Abbi Torrance is interested in the human condition. Her deceptively simple figurative pencil drawings explore issues of free will and control. In these drawings Torrance uses performance to highlight how people connect to each other, the systems around us and space. Graph paper backgrounds make a statement about how human beings are increasingly seen as data, markets and demographics. Does the individual still have agency?

Torrance has been exhibited widely. Including the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, the ICA, Discerning Eye and a solo show in Galerie Nivit-Curzone, Paris in 2015.

Selected Works

Formation 9 by Abbi Torrance

Formation 9

Drawings - 21x29 cm
girl 1 by Abbi Torrance

girl 1

Drawings - 32x24 cm
boy 1 by Abbi Torrance

boy 1

Drawings - 29x21 cm
fun 1 by Abbi Torrance

fun 1

Drawings - 42x24 cm
untitled (hug) 1 by Abbi Torrance

untitled (hug) 1

Drawings - 29x21 cm
untitled (hug) 2 by Abbi Torrance

untitled (hug) 2

Drawings - 29x21 cm
untitled (hug) 3 by Abbi Torrance

untitled (hug) 3

Drawings - 29x21 cm
play 1 by Abbi Torrance

play 1

Drawings - 29x21 cm
play 2 by Abbi Torrance

play 2

Drawings - 29x21 cm
graph 1a by Abbi Torrance

graph 1a

Drawings - 21x29 cm

lean 2

Drawings - 29x21 cm

lean 3

Drawings - 21x29 cm

lean 4 (self portrait)

Paintings - 21x29 cm

lean 5

Drawings - 29x21 cm

red bow

Drawings - 29x21 cm

The wig

Paintings - 61x42 cm

Single 4

Drawings - 18x18 cm

single 7

Drawings - 18x18 cm

single 11

Drawings - 18x18 cm


Drawings - 42x29 cm

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