Kerry Beall


I've always enjoyed drawing, as a kid I remember whatever activity was offered, I'd go straight for the paints!

I started experimenting with inks and charcoal at first. I got that buzz of excitement when the blank piece of paper became alive somehow. It felt like a creative release, something far removed from the constraints of digital design I was used to. Since then, I've been harnessing my skill as an artist, experimenting with different mediums.

I'm inspired by life, human connection, emotional reactions and responses, the choices we have, who we are, the stories we tell, the universe! I like to create works that question our being, that are somewhat detached from the reality we create for ourselves. When I create from the intuitive guidance system we all have, a flood of energy pours into the work and almost decides its own narrative. I hope something speaks to you.

Selected Works

Carnival by Kerry Beall


Drawings - 69x55 cm
Princess of Monaco by Kerry Beall

Princess of Monaco

Paintings - 84x59 cm
JHANA by Kerry Beall


Drawings - 69x56 cm
ATHENA by Kerry Beall


Drawings - 69x56 cm
IDUNA by Kerry Beall


Drawings - 69x56 cm
CHOLENA by Kerry Beall


Drawings - 69x56 cm
PINK HEPBURN by Kerry Beall


Paintings - 77x56 cm
RED MONROE by Kerry Beall


Paintings - 77x56 cm

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