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      Edition of 5069.0 x 55.5 cm?
      Artwork size

      Artwork physical size measured as height by width by depth. Artwork purchased with a frame will usually be 5cm (2.5in) longer in each dimension.

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      Kerry Beall

      I've always enjoyed drawing, as a kid I remember whatever activity was offered, I'd go straight for the paints!

      I started experimenting with inks and charcoal at first. I got that buzz of excitement when the blank piece of paper became alive somehow. It felt like a creative release, something far removed from the constraints of digital design I was used to.
      Since then, I've been harnessing my skill as an artist, experimenting with different mediums.

      My work consists of mainly portraits, with an element of nature and fantasy. I like to create works that offer an escapism for the viewer. That somehow have a surreal and free quality.

      I feel that my artwork will be a continual growth. There's so much to learn and so many ideas to get onto paper!

      A lot of my pieces are a unique one off that were created in the moment, when the drive, vision and inspiration hit. I love the idea that somewhere out there is the person it was painted for.

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