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        Anita Rozentale


        Through a variety of media including but not limited to appropriation, collage, painting, photography, sculpture, and cyanotype, Anita Rozentale explores the differences in people’s cultural, political, historical, and social backgrounds and the selective imagery of subjective experiences - what makes a human being a person they aim to be? By questioning photography as a medium on its own right, Anita plays with what at first glance appears to be real but when looking closer - surreal narratives emerge. Anita calls this process “painting with photographs”.

        Photography is an heirloom, an evidence of things that have happened, a proof of something you have only heard of, a tool to convince. By touching on the themes such as evidence, Anita works with the authenticity of an image and its role in altering ones’ memory - how much is needed for a person to question the shifting states of their memory.

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