Hush worked as a toy designer in Hong Kong and Japan.
Hush was named as one of The Independent’s ‘Top 20 Up and Coming Artists' in 2016.
Hush is greatly inspired by the traditional Japanese figure of the geisha.

Hush is an artist who has made a name for himself with his diverse yet refined style working across graffiti, painting, collage and drawing. Heavily influenced by the traditions of Japanese culture and the aesthetics of street art, Hush is making waves in the urban art world. Hush has reimagined the portrait genre, ridding it of all its traditions and made it speak for itself. Working on both indoor and outdoor pieces, in small and large scale, Hush’s dynamic approach cements his position as one of the most exciting artists of today, working without boundaries.

Hush’s Style: A Street Artist Merging Eastern & Western Culture

Much of Hush’s art delves into themes of femininity and sexuality in Japanese culture and the merging of the Asian and European style. Hush exposes the contrasts between the two cultural identities whilst exploring themes of female sexuality with street art mark-making. Layering is a key component to Hush’s art. Adorning realistic images of women with geometric and at times abstract lines and shapes, Hush creates art that exudes energy and ultimately brings the subject of the traditional Japanese geisha to life.

Hush's Career and Exhibitions

Hush studied Graphic Design at Newcastle School of Art and Design, and only after leaving art school did he begin to explore the boundless possibilities of his own creativity. Since 2007, Hush’s prolific approach has resulted in countless exhibitions around the world, most of which have been solo shows. Today, Hush is established throughout Europe, Asia and the US and was named as one of The Independent’s ‘Top 20 Up and Coming Artists’. The increasing success of Hush’s art led to him opening his own exhibition space, ‘onethirty3’ in Newcastle in 2011.

Go Behind the Scenes with Hush with our 2016 interview with the artist.

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