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The Interiors Edit


Curated by Rise Art

Discover art fit for your interior. Our interiors edit showcases a range of carefully curated artworks expertly elected by leading designers. Whether you’re looking to complement a cool and calm aesthetic or embolden a space with zest and zeal, transform your interior with original pieces by creators championing modern art.

Encompassing myriad mediums from acrylic paint to photography, and styles from abstract and minimalist to surrealistic, explore inspiring artworks ideal for all design schemes and interiors.

Cosy Interiors

Our homes serve as our sanctuaries. Neutral colour palettes and pastel hues can subtly assuage the energy in any given space, instilling a sense of tranquillity. For cosy and comfy interiors, earthy minimalist prints by Eva Santin such as Yggdrassil, golden woodcut and paper cutting, promise to inspire quietude. Harmonious and with a spiritual touch, Eva’s paintings bring the beauty and meditative calm of nature into your home.

Mark Chadwick’s marble textures are equally soothing. To still a busy mind, sink into the magnetizing, oozing textures and luscious liquid-like compositions of paintings like Fluid Painting No. 50.

Bold Interiors

A drop of colour can animate even the dullest of spaces. If you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your interior, bring your walls to life with evocative and expressionistic paintings by mixed-media artist Tim Fowler such as his stunning architectural studies. A Strange New Build energises and demands attention with its zingy palette and powerful paintwork.

Alternatively, experimental works by the likes of the digital artist Krista Kim are a surefire way to upgrade your interior. Merging paint and technology, Krista Kim’s Techism series is as abstract as it is mesmerising, taking modern design to new dimensions.

Contemporary Centrepieces

For contemporary interior ideas, modern photography can complete a fresh and cool aesthetic. As an example, daring photographic works such as Miguel Vallinas Prieto’s Second Skin series are worthy of consideration. Miguel’s surrealist portraits of metamorphic animals are conceptually insightful and visually enticing.

For extra depth and style, large-scale minimalist collages also make transformative additions to stylish interiors. Swedish artist Charlotte Jonerheim reinvents a variety of mediums in her multi-textural creations such as A Space of Silence 3, paper, wax, felt, silver thread and varnish. Elegant and enchanting, these modern works give fresh meaning to their surroundings.

Patterned Displays

To feel like a true interior aficionado, you should consider geometric and pattern designs. Decorating with patterned paintings and prints express confidence and can boost the feel of any room. Contrasting strong forms and sharp lines with flowing circles and soft edges can create a sense of harmony and balance; Nick Malone manipulates his thrilling archaeology of textures, marks and words for the eye to explore.

If you’d like to find out more about interior design, read our article ‘5 Interior Designers to Swoon Over’.

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