Sarah Needham


Sarah Needham makes abstract paintings from hand-made paints using pigments and dyes researched for their role in global human visual culture. By painting with materials chosen for their historical and geographical specificity, Sarah offers a unique visual language voicing existential questions about how we live now and how this relates to our past. She pours these historical echoes and stories onto her canvas, abstracting place and art history on canvas and providing a space for viewers to venture and seek understanding.

Sarah Needham’s Early Career and Interests

Sarah Needham has trained in the UK and China. The artist studied International Development at a postgraduate level and is interested in how we make and have made connections across the globe and over time. Sarah believes that materials embody stories and are full of opportunities to discover and interpret new and cross-cultural ties.

Material Selection

Sarah carefully selects her materials, a methodology with roots in her love for art history, interest in human development, and curiosity surrounding the individual and the group. To guide her selection, Sarah investigates the use and significance of certain pigments in different places throughout history. This process also allows Sarah to explore transcultural influence, exchange and nature over time.

Exhibitions and Press

The artist has exhibited her oil paintings widely throughout the UK and beyond, including at The Other Art Fair, The Truman Brewery, London, The Decorative Arts and Antiques Fair, Battersea, London, and ‘Beyond Other Horizons: Contemporary Paintings Made in Britain and Romania’, Iasi Palace of Culture, Iasi, Romania. Sarah has artwork in private collections in the UK, Switzerland, France, Australia, the USA, the Middle East and Japan.

Selected Works

If You Prick Me Will I Not bleed? by Sarah Needham
Bay by Sarah Needham


Paintings - 40x30 cm
Incoming by Sarah Needham


Paintings - 40x30 cm
New Coves by Sarah Needham

New Coves

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Washback by Sarah Needham


Paintings - 40x30 cm
Sea Lines by Sarah Needham

Sea Lines

Paintings - 150x120 cm
Beneath The Surface by Sarah Needham

Beneath The Surface

Paintings - 125x178 cm
Sea coves by Sarah Needham

Sea coves

Paintings - 185x130 cm
Eendraught by Sarah Needham


Paintings - 200x120 cm
Low Tide by Sarah Needham

Low Tide

Paintings - 150x120 cm


Paintings - 100x40 cm

From The Earliest of Times

Paintings - 100x40 cm

Origin Echo

Paintings - 100x40 cm

Just Under the Surface

Paintings - 40x40 cm

South West Blues

Paintings - 40x40 cm


Paintings - 60x60 cm

Small Ports

Paintings - 80x60 cm

Cobalt Sky

Paintings - 70x70 cm

So Close they Merged

Paintings - 59x42 cm

Incoming Tide

Paintings - 120x150 cm

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