Sarah Needham


Sarah Needham makes abstract paintings from hand made paints using pigments which have been researched for their role in global human visual culture across time. She starts with the now and looks for historical events or the history of places which echo what is happening. She researches the way pigments play out in those times or places, and this delivers the pigment selection for a collection of work. This way of working arises from her interest in art history, and in human development, in the interplay between the individual and the group , and allows for the exploration of traces of intercultural influence and exchange over time. It also is built upon a notion of the universal human, different in cultural expressions, but ultimately humanly the same. By tracing human history and exchange through material evidence above the written record, it allows us the possibility of alternative interpretations, and deeper connection. Each piece is an abstraction of space, of space for the viewer to fall into, to get a little lost in and seek understanding .

Sarah Needham trained in the UK and China, studied International Development at post graduate level and is interested in the way in which we make and have made connections across the globe and over time. She believes that the material in some way holds the story, but in a way that is open to broader interpretation and new connections.

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