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      Tim Fowler’s paintings breath new life into the outdated features of portraiture.
      Tim is fascinated with notions of fatherhood and modern day masculinity.
      Pink is the most dominant colour in all Tim’s paintings.

      British artist Tim Fowler uses bright colours and broad strokes to create abstract mixed media paintings. Depicting scenes of modern cityscapes and distorted portraits, Tim’s distinctive use of bright and saturated colours makes for paintings that have a Pop Art tone to them. Tim works across acrylic, graffiti ink and spray paint to respond to fairly traditional subjects, and in doing so rejects the outdated conventions of these popular genres. The colour pink ties so much of Tim’s work together. Whether used to capture light, create movement or instil emotion, the dominance of pink throughout his practice gives a warmth to each of his paintings.

      Tim Fowler’s Education and Development

      After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Contemporary Fine Art, Tim started painting architecture and responding to urban scenes. Over the years, Tim turned to portraiture, however he still uses an architectural approach when depicting figures. The angular appearance and deconstructed forms of Tim’s figures resembles the graphic aesthetic of street art.

      Recent Exhibition

      Tim’s latest exhibition, ALPHA male, showcased a new collection of work centred around family, fatherhood and modern day masculinity. The typically large scale paintings depicted abstracted scenes of family life interspersed with intimate scenes of fatherhood. Playing on the rhetoric of toxic masculinity, Tim uses the word ‘alpha’ to react against the outdated ideas of a man’s role in the family, and in challenging those attitudes, he created new impressions of what it means to be a father.

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