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        Jack Paffett


        Jack Paffett is a Bristol based artist whose work continues to incorporate references to his surroundings. Often using them as starting points before allowing forms to be obscured and mutated by spontaneous impulses in response to the canvas. Paffett’s work sits in an area of tension between construction and destruction, the works are over painted, erased, before being built up again. Each Layer of paint leaving remnants of what was there before. The paintings slip from one conclusion to the next, reflecting the fluid nature of the paint itself. Through this process the paintings develop into ambiguous spaces that act as metaphors to their origins - spaces where the viewer is encouraged to question and decipher the surface in front of them.

        After studying at Falmouth university Paffett relocated to Bristol where his work has continued to be exhibited in numerous shows. Most prominently the Wells Art Contemporary, where his work ‘Basic Space’ won the Chubb Bulleid People's Choice Prize. 

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