Dmitrieva Daria


The game of shapes and colors is the basis of all the work of Dmitriva Dari. Nature as a source of natural inspiration, giving colors, shades, textures and shapes. The translucent layers of the base, like the beginning of everything, the beginning of the path, flowing by giving a direction and a movement, and finally the keys which make it possible to discern a new, emerging form. Thus, the artist gives the spectator the right to use his imagination.

Selected Works

Fennel by Dmitrieva Daria


Paintings - 120x60 cm
Chrysanthemums by Dmitrieva Daria


Paintings - 120x60 cm
Sunset in the vineyards by Dmitrieva Daria

Sunset in the vineyards

Paintings - 80x120 cm
Vignes by Dmitrieva Daria


Paintings - 64x108 cm
coffee break 2 by Dmitrieva Daria

coffee break 2

Paintings - 64x54 cm
coffee break 1 by Dmitrieva Daria

coffee break 1

Paintings - 64x54 cm
Summer by Dmitrieva Daria


Paintings - 55x46 cm
Winter in Normandy by Dmitrieva Daria

Winter in Normandy

Paintings - 120x80 cm
Reflexion by Dmitrieva Daria


Paintings - 80x120 cm
Sunlights by Dmitrieva Daria


Paintings - 60x60 cm


Paintings - 97x130 cm


Paintings - 100x70 cm

Piece of mind

Paintings - 116x89 cm


Paintings - 100x80 cm

Ocean sun 2

Paintings - 55x46 cm

Ocean sun 3

Paintings - 55x46 cm

Lisbon 2

Paintings - 46x38 cm

Cream 3

Paintings - 55x46 cm

Cream 2

Paintings - 55x46 cm

Nano 2

Paintings - 81x65 cm

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