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        Eva Santin is a Spanish artist who creates subtle contemporary artworks inspired by nature, poetry and thought. The artist’s methods are varied, ranging from drawing and engraving to photography and printmaking. There is a delicacy and a softness to Eva’s style that we just adore. In the artist’s own words, her work is dominated by “the language of the whisper”...

        The artist studied Fine Art at the University of Madrid, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in ‘new digital and photosensitive media in woodcutting’. Eva has a received a number of scholarships from the university over the last decade, from research grants to teaching fellowships.

        Eva has been awarded numerous prizes for her work in Spain - and these have been across discipline too. Her drawings, engravings and digital graphic works have all been commended. The artist regularly exhibits her work at Affordable Art Fairs in Europe, the UK and the US.

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