Charlotte Jonerheim

Charlotte transforms mundane and discarded objects into elegant and thoughtful sculptures and collages.
Charlotte’s minimalist compositions are an exploration of surface and texture.
The artist has a BA in Sculpture from the Slade School of Art and an MA in Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Arts.

London-based Swedish artist Charlotte Jonerheim transforms banal, discarded materials into curious and delicate sculptures and collages. Largely abstract in style, Charlotte’s elegantly reinvented artworks inspire us to reconsider how we treat our environment and unwanted belongings.

Charlotte Jonerheim’s Craft

Charlotte works with multiple materials including paper, newsprint, wax, silver thread and more. The extraordinary reconstruction of ordinary objects in her works such as The Story So Far make for delightfully tactile pieces which beg to be touched. Charlotte has a distinctly Scandi style, working with minimalist colour palettes and modest structures. These perfectly imperfect creations, although worthy of a contemporary gallery space, are incredibly well suited to a home interior.

Exhibitions and Collections

Charlotte has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions and has been featured in The Financial Times and .Cent Magazine. The artist has also worked as an artist in residence in London and New Delhi, India. In 1992, Charlotte won the British Institution Award in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Art, London. In 2001, Charlotte was commissioned by Swarovski to create a piece for Elton John’s Aids Foundation Ball.

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