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        Spring/Summer 2022


        Curated by Rise Art

        The Spring/Summer 2022 collection was created to showcase new artists on the platform, some old favourites, and artworks that have been trending throughout the season. Representing the array of styles and mediums we have the offer, the Spring/Summer 2022 collection includes a broad range of paintings, sculptures, prints and much more.

        Art Trends this Spring/Summer

        For this collection, our curator has put together artworks that can function as statement pieces, whilst also working as part of a salon-style hang. This season has seen a trend in abstract landscapes, spanning from rural scenes of nature, to dynamic cityscapes. Another popular feature in the art world has been a figurative approach. Whether distorting the human form or focusing on the silhouette of a figure, contemporary artists have been exploring the many ways to reimagine figurative art.

        Featured Artworks

        Spring/Summer 2022 features works from new artists such as Barbara Kuebel, Nicole Fearfield and Marianne Hendricks, alongside artworks from established artists such as Bruce McLean, Hush and Kristjana S Williams. Barbara Kuebel’s figurative works include large scale woodcut prints and abstract mixed media paintings. Bruce McLean is known for his interdisciplinary approach to printmaking. His works in the Spring/Summer 2022 collection take familiar elements from nature and represent them in a framework of abstract motifs.

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